New Publication Section: Be Immersed in a Confluence of Unique Insights

New Publication Section: Be Immersed in a Confluence of Unique Insights

The Asia Scotland Institute is now offering a new section on the website where you can explore the unique views of our Senior Fellows. It will be a hub of knowledge and insight, and the authors will be writing on topics of global importance for today’s internationally connected professionals and scholars.

In a world where thin and insubstantial online content prevails, this new section offers focused, in-depth analysis and information produced by genuine experts – for those who need to understand global changes beyond the media headlines.

This space will function as an online library for the regular work of our fellow experts; publications will be listed and organised in chapters, photo galleries, articles, etc. Contributions from a range of experts will soon complement the section page, but to kick-off the Asia Scotland Institute is delighted to introduce to you the works of Dr. Susan Carpenter and Roddy Gow OBE.

Roddy Gow OBE – Chairman & Founder

‘Dr. Susan Carpenter originally produced for the ASI Forget the Third Arrow and Behold the Old World Order: a journey into the depths of Japan Inc. which is a remarkable study of Japan and the evolution and then stagnation of its corporate and political institutions. The story that she weaves begins with her early observations of how Japanese society functions and then progressively takes us inside a corporate culture that very few foreigners have ever studied, understood and written about. The early enthusiasm and optimism of Japan’s leaders gives way to a complacency and inertia that has lasted for decades and is epitomised by the Abenomics that has become synonymous with failed and discredited economic policies. For this to happen in one of the world’s largest economies is bad enough but it is made worse as others such as China moved ahead and saw rapidly accelerating growth in the mid-1990s and into the Twenty First century. An economy and system at one time held up in Business Schools as epitomising best practice has progressively become discredited and associated with inertia and indecision.’

Dr. Carpenter has published a revised and updated edition which will be available on Amazon in paperback on her author’s page and on Kindle and Apple ipod from 10th May.


Find the [Publications] section at the bottom menu of the website. Click here to open page.

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