Speaker Highlight: Shanker Singham

Speaker Highlight: Shanker Singham

Shanker Singham

On November 16 Shanker Singham will take us through the options ahead for both exports from and imports to Britain as we gather in Stirling to discuss some of the most critical yet opaque trade issues affected by Britain’s newfound place in the global world order. Shanker is the Director of Economic Policy and Prosperity Studies at the Legatum Institute.

The Legatum Institute’s core programme area is dedicated to exploring the drivers of national prosperity. Its signature annual publication, the Legatum Prosperity Index™, is a unique national ranking measuring countries’ economic wealth and the subjective wellbeing of their citizens.

In 2016, the Economics of Prosperity programme will look at how policy-makers can develop legal, economic and governance environments that deliver increased economic activity, generate jobs and lift their peoples out of poverty. In addition to producing papers, panels and seminars in the following areas, the programme will develop country studies that identify the constraints to economic growth and wealth creation.

Legatum Institute Special Trade Commission (STC)

The STC aims to present a roadmap for the many trade negotiations which the UK will need to undertake in the wake of Britain leaving the EU.

International Trade

Focusing on the benefits of trade liberalisation and the barriers to it and highlight new issues in global trade.

Productivity and Competitiveness

Exploring the interface between trade and competition and includes an analysis of Anti-Competitive Market Distortions (“ACMDs”)

Morality of Capitalism

Developing the moral case for the free and competitive market system, and especially the negative impact of economic distortions. It highlights the immorality of distortions and the way they push people into poverty, develops ideas on crony versus competitive market capitalism and explores the need for moral actors for the free and competitive market system to work.

Shanker will be accompanied by Elizabeth Linder on the 16th of November during our event in Stirling. The event will take place at the Stirling Court Hotel and commence at 12pm.

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