A Letter From Mumbai

A Letter From Mumbai

Weekly Briefing

Volume V, Issue 36: Thursday, 8th September, 2016


Gateway House Features

ocean strategy

India’s policy towards the Indian Ocean has begun to take a clear, coherent form with the signing of the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement with the United States, an important bilateral visit to Vietnam by Prime Minister Modi, and an ambitious future being laid out by Foreign Secretary Jaishankar
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By Seema Sirohi, Analyst


The unanticipated success of “radical” candidates in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council election, including student activists central to the “umbrella revolution” of two years ago, has shaken the territory’s pro-Chinese establishment and seized ground from more moderate pro-democracy voices. More fractious politics look set to continue in the immediate future.
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By Nicholas Gordon, Researcher, Global Institute For Tomorrow, Hong Kong


At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, leaders are expected to discuss the potential for strengthening the international monetary system and the conditions under which SDR could play an important role in this regard. This is a step that is well overdue but will require a major leap in international policy coordination.
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By Anoop Singh, Distinguished Fellow, Geoeconomics Studies, Gateway House


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The Gateway House Podcast

immigration podcast

This week in our special mini-series on the U.S. Elections and it’s foreign policy implications, Ambassador Neelam Deo discusses the policy gap between the candidates on the immigration issue, as well as whether the push for STEM visa might change things for Indian students studying abroad.

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Gateway House Events

indian ocean conference

On September 1-2, Gateway House’s Sameer Patilattended the Indian Ocean Conference held in Singapore. The conference was organised by the India Foundation and focused on strategic, economic and cultural issues concerning the Indian Ocean region countries.

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Gateway House in the media

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Amit Bhandari


Seema Sirohi


Akshay Mathur


Sameer Patil and Rajni Bakshi


Spot-on analyses

The Week Past

G20: Made in China G20 and its geoeconomic significance

U.S. Elections: Clintonomics vs. Trumponomics

The Week Ahead

East Asia Summit: ASEAN wise to leave sea arbitration alone

United Nations: Superbug Explosion Triggers Meeting


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