Opportunities for Scotland in One Belt One Road

Opportunities for Scotland in One Belt One Road

One Belt One Road: a symphony orchestra where the bagpipe should have its share

By Thompson Chau

Described as “the most significant and far-reaching initiative that China has ever put forward”, the One Belt One Road Initiative will increase the demand for Scotland’s leading export industries, professional services and universities among the regions involved. Backed by substantial financial firepower, five aims were envisaged by China in terms of policy coordination, trade flow, infrastructural connectivity, financial integration and connecting the people. While Chinese institutions are expected to take the lead, One Belt One Road will offer organisations and individuals in Scotland a spectrum of opportunities to play a role in shaping the economic development and integration across the three continents. This report is an overview of the Initiative and aims to provide a background of China’s audacious scheme, touching upon many of the issues which will be elaborated in separate reports. Click below to download/ view the report.

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