David Clive Price – Bamboo Strong

David Clive Price – Bamboo Strong

Author David Clive Price’s new book ‘Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy’ will be published on 25 May 2016 – right in the middle of the Brexit debate and the nomination process for the US presidential candidates.

Diversity is the new normal – and we’d better get used to it. That is the message of author David Clive Price in his forthcoming book Bamboo Strong. The business leaders of today face extraordinary complexity, rapid change and increasing diversity in their markets and workforces. And yet more than 90 per cent of global executives identify cross-cultural effectiveness as their biggest challenge.

‘Under the impact of migration, globalisation, and the concentration of work in super-connected cities across the world, we are dealing with people of many different backgrounds on a daily basis,’ Price explains. ‘I wrote this book to help develop the cultural intelligence (CQ) needed to communicate, network, negotiate and lead in culturally diverse workplaces at home or overseas.”

Bamboo Strong offers a wealth of stories and success strategies collected from around the world to illustrate the four key areas of cultural intelligence that leaders must master to succeed in the new global economy. Based on d ecades of scholarly research, these four key areas provide the framework for leaders to navigate the confusing array of cross-cultural challenges they encounter every day.

Price continues: ‘Whether you are opening up new markets, leading multicultural teams, adapting global business models for local markets or serving customers across a number of cultures, I believe the model proposed in this book – and the stories gathered over a lifetime of travelling, working, living and writing across cultures – will help leaders in many walks of life succeed in the new global economy.’

“An essential read that is a wise and powerful compendium of strategies to help you truly prosper as a business owner or executive in the new global economy. Bamboo Strong is about the most important problems arising today in the global economy and it proposes strategies companies can implement now for a more fruitful tomorrow!” — Marshall Goldsmith, The Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Triggers.


David Clive Price is a bestselling author and cross-cultural mentor to Fortune 1000s and government agencies. David spent five years as strategic advisor and chief speechwriter for Asia for the HSBC Group in the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to China, and much of his work over the past two decades has been mentoring CEOs and business leaders in the area of Cultural Intelligence (CQ). As a speaker, he inspires and entertains audiences with his ‘Dare, Explore and Profit’ keynotes and Bamboo Strong programmes. More information at: http://www.davidcliveprice.com/speaker

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