Ambassador Barbara Woodward announced as the official Champion of the Generation UK: China Network

Ambassador Barbara Woodward announced as the official Champion of the Generation UK: China Network

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Ms Barbara Woodward CMG OBE, British Ambassador to China, has now been officially announced as the Champion of the British Council run Generation UK: China Network.

The Network aims to connect all British nationals with experience in China to help secure the legacy and long-term benefits of student and professional experience in China.

As Champion of the Network, the Ambassador will support in raising awareness of the initiative and advocating for greater engagement, building trust and understanding of the network, and making sure it lives up to its potential and ambitions. In addition, she will also be attending and speaking at some of the network’s high-level events and sharing insights with the members.

Barbara Woodward HMG ETC said: “By connecting British students, young professionals and practiced China experts, and enabling them to share their knowledge and experience of China, the network plays a key role in broadening and deepening UK engagement with China. The network helps strengthen the foundations of the golden era, allowing individuals to understand and benefit from it, and ensures the UK-China relationship continues to blossom.

The Generation UK: China Network, which is digitally hosted on LinkedIn, brings together UK nationals with experience of China to support ongoing engagement with China. With the goal of reaching 20,000 members by 2020, it is a vibrant network showcasing the benefits that China experience brings to individuals’ employability and career development. By engaging with the Network and its Leading Lights – established UK nationals who represent the forefront of their respective fields and have benefited from experience in China – members can develop their international skills, knowledge and experience of China to best support their careers and the UK’s international competitiveness.

Interested UK nationals can join the network here.

Speaking of the Network, which was inaugurated in London in February 2016, Jim Addison, Director of Education at the British Council in China, said: “The inception of the Generation UK: China Network comes at an important and exciting time for UK-China relations. For the UK to continue to successfully engage with China, the UK needs a ‘China-ready’ workforce: people who understand China, its ways of life and working. This is the vision behind the Generation UK: China Network.”

Notes to Editors

About the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide.


We work in more than 100 countries and our 8,000 staff – including 2,000 teachers – work with thousands of professionals and policy makers and millions of young people every year by teaching English, sharing the arts and delivering education and society programmes.


We are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter. A core publicly-funded grant provides 20 per cent of our turnover which last year was £864 million. The rest of our revenues are earned from services which customers around the world pay for, such as English classes and taking UK examinations, and also through education and development contracts and from partnerships with public and private organisations. All our work is in pursuit of our charitable purpose and supports prosperity and security for the UK and globally.

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Generation UK: China Network

The Generation UK: China Network is helping to secure the legacy and long-term benefits of student experience in China. The Network allows young people that have come to China through any programme (such as university partnerships, cultural immersion camps, summer internships) to continue and deepen their engagement with China upon their return to the UK, and to understand how to make the most of their new skills and knowledge in their career.

The Network also features 21 Leading Lights: established UK nationals at the forefront of their respective fields who have benefited from experience in China, such as Gordon Orr (Senior Advisor, Asia, McKinsey & Co.) and Pia MacRae (Country Director, Save the Children, China), who contribute to the Network with their insights.

For more information on the Generation UK: China Network, please visit

Interested UK nationals can join the network at

About Generation UK – China

The Network is part of the British Council’s larger Generation UK – China campaign. Launched by the British Council in June 2013, this campaign aims to grow the number of UK students who have participated in study or internship programmes in China to 80,000 by 2020. To achieve this goal, the campaign is helping to build a growing number of opportunities for young British students to experience, understand and engage with China and raising students’ awareness of the benefits of doing so.

The campaign offers funded internships and scholarships for academic study for UK students to gain international experience in China and is currently supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Department for Education and Learning, Northern Ireland and Welsh Government.

There has already been an upward trend of UK students coming to China in recent years, with more than 7,500 UK students studying or undertaking internships in China in 2015. Working with partners in the UK and in China, the Generation UK campaign will boost the rapidly increasing numbers even further, encouraging UK students to come to China and creating even more opportunities for them to do so.

This campaign is currently funded and supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; the Department for Education and Learning, Northern Ireland; and the Welsh Government.

For more information on the Generation UK – China campaign, please visit

For media enquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Jackson, Education Communications Manager, British Council, China

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