Wild zebra at Edinburgh Playhouse

Wild zebra at Edinburgh Playhouse

Wild Zebra 2Wild Zebra is a ballet/drama accompanied by a symphony orchestra created by Zhang Jigang, one of the “Three Zhangs” who produced the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics. It will be performed by 140 children aged between 8 and 12 from a single primary school in Beijing, who have been selected to showcase the best of China’s young talent.

One of the key themes of Wild Zebra is an issue which is of burgeoning importance in China, and of common interest to young people throughout the world today – the importance of protecting wildlife and nurturing the environment. President Xi Jinping has made environmental protection one of the very highest priorities of his leadership.

This trip is a non-profit making initiative – the organisers aim to use any surplus for charitable donations or for reinvestment in young people’s exhanges between China and the UK.

Tickets are available from ATG Tickets now.


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