Testplant MBA Scholarship

Testplant MBA Scholarship

Uoe Business School 1University of Edinburgh Business SchoolChinese students are being invited to apply for a £10,000 bursary towards MBA tuition fees at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

The MBA scholarship, donated by the international software business TestPlant, also includes a paid internship in the summer of 2016.

To be eligible, candidates must be from China and must have graduated with a good IT-related degree. They also need to have at least three years’ work experience in a managerial role in a high-technology company. 

In addition, candidates for the TestPlant MBA Scholarship must: 

  • Be bold, intelligent and ambitious
  • Show a passion for technology, improvement and innovation
  • Demonstrate evidence of success in solving customer IT problems

The deadline for applications is 31 July 2015 but candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible to increase their chances of being considered for the award. Click here for more information about how to apply

About TestPlant
TestPlant is an international software business based in London. It has development centres in the United States and the UK, sales and support centres in the US, the UK and Asia, and an extensive network of business partners.

The company has shown rapid revenue growth organically and through the acquisitions of Redstone Software and Facilita.

George Mackintosh 3George Mackintosh, CEO of TestPlant TestPlant’s products are used in more than 30 countries by well over 300 enterprise customers in sectors which include Financial Services, Automotive, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Media and Entertainment, Retail and Defence and Aerospace.

The eggPlant range is a set of software quality tools which supports the design, development, test and management of software applications for mainframe, desktop and mobile use in any technology platform environment.

George Mackintosh, joint founder and CEO of TestPlant, is an alumnus and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Edinburgh Business School. 

His success with TestPlant reflects excellence in strategic leadership – innovative thinking, entrepreneurial action and a global perspective.

The company is keen to encourage these traits in new business leaders, hence this scholarship and internship opportunity. Read a short biography of George here.


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