Lighting candles in India

Lighting candles in India

SLA Children IndiaAll smiles: children at the home and school in TuniScottish Love in Action (SLA) has released a wonderful, uplifting short film about its work caring for and supporting vulnerable children in India.

Lighting Candles in India” was produced by award-winning film-makers Department of Expansion and shot at the Light of Love Children’s Home and School in Tuni, southeast India.

Focusing on the stories of two children, it highlights how lives of desperate poverty and destitution can be transformed into ones of positivity and hope.

Edinburgh-based charity SLA feeds, clothes, houses, educates and provides medical care for more than 500 children at the home and school in Tuni.

“This is a good place, everyone has dignity,” says 13-year-old Shalini, one of the children featured. “Here people help with the whole heart.” Watch the film here.

SLA LogoScottish Love in Action logo”During our time at the home and school in Tuni we were often overwhelmed by poverty and heard terrible stories about the children’s backgrounds,’ says Kristina Robbins, the film’s director and producer. 

“However, what was unique about our experience was that despite the poverty and the sadness of some of the children’s experiences, we never felt darkness while we were there. 

“We hope that you’ll be able to see this for yourself when you see the film.”

“This film captures beautifully the loving, hopeful character of the children’s home and encapsulates the work of SLA and our Indian partners,” adds Colin McRae, Executive Director of SLA.

“We made it to spread our story to as wide an audience as possible. So please watch it, share it and, if you feel inspired by it, support our work by donating to SLA.”


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