Lord Stephen Green ASEAN, SMEs and Scotland

Lord Stephen Green ASEAN, SMEs and Scotland

Adam Smith Series of Global Economic Briefings

The UK Minister of State for Trade & Investment in a wide-ranging discussion with Roddy Gow, Chairman and Founder of the Asia Scotland Institute, before his address to the Institute at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Lord Green, recently returned from a 7-country tour of ASEAN nations, touches on:

  • the record of UKTI under his stewardship
  • the increasing economic significance of ASEAN countries
  • the necessity for Scottish SMEs to export and opportunities in Asia
  • the key actions Scottish companies and society at large must take to equip young Scots to engage with Asia

For Lord Green’s full address to the Institute, including a very lively Q&A session touching on, among other things, the UK government’s controversial visa policy for non-EU nationals, please view the video below.

Many thanks to the Royal Society of Edinburgh for hosting us in their superb venue and catering an excellent networking lunch.

Royal Society


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