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Meet Asia in Scotland.

The Asia Scotland Institute selected for you a range of Asia related events happening throughout Scotland in the upcoming Fringe Festival.


“Asian Artists Gathering”

Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme for Fringe participants. A teatime gathering for Asian artists participating in or attending the Fringe, as well as for those who have an interest in developing/touring work in Asia to come together. Hosted by Mohamad Shaifulbahri of Bhumi Collective, this is an opportunity to continue building upon the Asia @ the Fringe Network that started in 2016, learn more about the Asian shows on offer, create new collaborative opportunities and, most importantly, to make friends!

5 August 2019 – Fringe Central Venue 2

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“The Blue Bird” 

Follow Tytyl and Mytyl as they embark on an adventure in search of their grandparents and the Blue Bird of Happiness. A heartwarming and dynamic new Broadway-style musical based on Maeterlinck’s classic story. Performed by a talented young cast and award-winning professionals from Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, China. Celebrates the power of love and the small things in life. With evocative visuals and powerful original compositions, the production is the perfect blend of East and West.

August 3-5, Venue 58, C venues- C south- main theatre

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“Young Dance from China– A Celebration” 

A unique gala of traditional Chinese folk dances, classical dance genres as well as a taste of Chinese opera. Performed by a cast of 40 young dancers from all around China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang) with spectacular visual projection, this magical performance will transport audiences to the heart of the Orient. A vibrant, unique and joyous performance for all ages.

August 4, Venue 58, C venues- C south- main theatre

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“The Voice of Young China” 

The Youth Choir of Shanghai Grand Theatre present a delightful programme of classical and popular material. East and West come together in this joyous celebration of youth and the power of music.

August 3, Venue 163, Lauriston Hall- Large Hall

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“Getting to know Asia”

Part of the Fringe Central Events Programme for Fringe participants. Have you been curious about the funding opportunities that exist for projects in Asia to tour and present work at places like the Fringe? Have you thought about touring your work to different parts of Asia? Come meet and hear from producers from Asia @ the Fringe Network who will share some of these information, representing Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India.

8 August 2019 – Fringe Central Venue 2

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An unstable space without an exit. Three female prisoners, bound by their own original sins, yearn to be redeemed. K, with her chastity and faith; S, with her childhood father’s shadow; M, with her unacknowledged love. They are both individuals and united. In this space without form, they defend themselves still eager for love, however hopelessness and fear of death surrounds them as a cloud of smoke fills the silence after lights out.

August 6-10, Venue 209

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“Akiko Okamoto in Concert” 

This International Japanese pianist gives two recitals of music mainly by Chopin, to include his second Piano Concerto with the Fyrish String Quartet. She will also play The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky arranged by Pletnev and a Beethoven Sonata, along with solo Chopin piano music.

August 5-6, Venue 111, St Andrew’s and St George’s West, George St.

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A kung fu contemporary circus. The philosophy of international kung fu star Bruce Lee is redefined on stage by integrating Cantonese opera with kung fu, acrobatics, parkour, tricking and dance. An incredibly energetic and entertaining performance with rich cultural overtones. Along has toured China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. A show that you cannot afford to miss this Fringe!

August 1-13, Venue 58, C venues- C south- main theatre

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“Amazing Summer! Classical Fusion Hits” 

Award-winning PipaRimba is an innovative and masterful pipa/marimba duo. With their unique playing style, characterised by a wide range of genres and with a creative vision of combining theatrical elements, dance, improvisation and their own compositions/arrangements, they were invited to perform extensively across the continents, from Europe to Asia to America, and in international art/music festivals around the world. Amazing Summer! Classical Fusion Hits will feature not only the most famous works from classical composers e.g. Mozart, Chopin, Paganini, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Gershwin etc, but also new arrangements with tango, flamenco and jazz fusion.

August 15, Venue 214, Leith Depot

August 16, Venue 290, Arthur Conan Doyle Centre- The Helen Duncan Room

August 18, Venue 163, Lauriston Halls- Large Hall

August 19, Venue 197, St Vincent’s

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“From the Top” 

From the Top is a witty contemporary dance work that explores the power relations between performers and dance makers. The piece presents to the audience a fictional scenario based on the everyday life of dance artists and looks at the absurd nature of artistic integrity and what it means to make art. Action on stage is juxtaposed with voice-overs and surtitles to reveal the politics between the ever-demanding choreographer and dancers who continuously attempt to fulfil a choreographer’s artistic vision.

August 2-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25, Venue 22, Dance Base- Studio 1

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“Hoichi the Earless” 

Hoichi lives in a temple and plays the lute. She is also blind and haunted by the dead. When a Samurai invites her to play for his master, the abbot of the temple grows suspicious and summons a monk to follow her. Dark secrets become unveiled. This wonderfully suspenseful re-imagining of Japanese folklore, Kwaidan, fuses traditional Chinese Nanguan live music and songs with innovative storytelling and elegant physicality. The performance is accessible to all audiences, with the adapted text complemented with English and French surtitles. Supported by HKADC and HAB Arts Development Fund.

August 1-10, Venue 58, C venues- C south- main theatre

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“Life. In Hong Kong” 

Contemporary mime inspired by daily life. Collaged everyday scenes show the different faces of Hong Kong. Director Mr Tang Wai-kit, the first Hong Kong student of the international mime master Marcel Marceau, leads actors to create this impressive work full of laughter and tears. The show touches the heart of metropolis. Full house at first run and invited to ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival. Audiences were amazed! Best for first-time mime explorers! Nominated for Best Performance in the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre. ‘Extremely well done… brilliance in the story-telling… delightfully surprised’ (

August 19-24, Venue 45

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“The Moment” 

The Moment symbolises the longing to preserve childhood innocence that we experience as we move through life. Accompanied with the youthful endeavour to seek out new experiences and grow as we move between adolescence and adulthood, the stories and memories that we craft for ourselves along the way. We explore what it means to mature and the impact it has on our perception of the world.

August 6-7, Venue 39, TheSpace on the Mile- Space 3

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“Peking Opera: Farewell My Concubine” 

A historical tragedy, a hero failed in battle, his beautiful lover and the handsome warhorse accompanying him towards the end of the inevitable fall of the kingdom, a heartbroken farewell between the lovers via a stunning sword dance. This well known Peking opera classic has been staged for hundreds of years and the audiences weep for the story again and again. By the best young Peking opera artists from Beijing, this Peking opera classic will be presented in a most authentic way for the first time at the Fringe.

August 9-10, Venue 35, Assembly Hall, Main Hall

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“Qing Snack” 

Qing refers to the green of Chinese. Qing Snake is adapted from one of the four prominent Chinese folk stories: Legend of the White Snake. This performance is a new version which focuses on your shadow’s recognition of you. The performance attempts to blend Chinese intangible cultural heritage with participating shadow performance. The uniqueness of the performance lies in the deep integration between Qing and the audience. Audience participation is encouraged to enhance the experience. It is about respect, equality and the dynamics of life.

12-17, Venue 45

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“Taiwan Season: Bout” 

Taiwan’s Chang brothers (co-creators of Bon 4 Bon, a five-star hit at the 2018 Fringe) bounce back with a dance that reveals fresh facets of their fraternal relationships and the rich possibilities – and inherent conflicts – of male bonding. Originally inspired by the ritual and physical rhythms of the boxing ring, this simply staged, unpretentiously eloquent new work is the physically deft and thoughtful expression of three contemporary young Asian men who communicate best through their bodies. By exploring their strong, if sometimes strained, personal connections, the Changs once again endear themselves indelibly to us.

Jul 31 Aug 1-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25, Venue 26 , Summerhall- Old Lab

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“Taiwan Season: Fish” 

Sign language meets puppetry in this engaging, BSL-signed production based on a short novel by the revered Taiwanese author Huang Chunming. Pinned to the expected delivery and unfortunate loss of a much-desired fish, the conflict between a grandfather and grandson unfolds in a touching, richly sensory experience aimed at – but by no means limited to – hearing-impaired audiences. Shinehouse Theatre specialises in creating inclusive, socially-conscious performances. Here in its European debut, it draws upon diverse skills to shine a warm and loving light on the subtly complex cultural values that can exist between the generations.

Jul 31 Aug 1-4, 6-11, 13-18, 20-25, Venue 26, Summerhall-Cairns Lecture Theatre

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“Words That I Never Tell” 

‘Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself’. Inspired by Kahlil Gibran’s On Parenting, this experimental piece is created by children that poetically staged their thoughts on intergenerational misunderstandings. With their personalities ignored, Chinese children seldom have the freedom to make their own choices and are struggling to pursue their life dreams. After premiering in Yinchuan, this production has been well received by local audiences and children’s parents who gave much positive feedback after deep self-examinations.

August 11- 13, Venue 21, C venues- C aquila- temple

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“Tang and Four Dreams”