VisitScotland COVID-19 Update – Planning and Insight

VisitScotland COVID-19 Update – Planning and Insight


Malcolm Roughead OBE, Chief Executive, VisitScotland  provides a Covid 19 update. “We’re developing our plans to help with the recovery of Scotland’s tourism and events industry. It’s going to be a long road with the return to international travel not being predicted until later in the year. Our job is to identify the opportunities to help the industry bounce back as quickly as possible and we’ve identified four phases which we hope will allow us to go from lockdown to the return of international travel over an estimated six to nine-month period.

It won’t just be about marketing though, as supporting businesses and helping the tourism and events industry become an economic and social powerhouse again will be at the heart of everything we do. Central to that will be communities – they’re the people that are both affected and benefit from tourism. It’s this balance we have to get right to ensure the experience is positive for everyone, but still bring jobs, enhance well-being and develop economic growth.

As we continue to gather market intelligence and learn more about which audiences will travel and what they are looking for in a post COVID-19 market, we will firm up our thinking and share our plan to get your input. Read more in my blog.

Recovery will require our collective efforts and we must act as one to ensure the best possible outcomes for the whole of the visitor economy.”

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