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In response to overcoming the COVID-19 crisis, the Asia Scotland Institute have been hosting a range of open (free) webinars for professionals and students on a variety of contemporary Pan-Asia issues. Couldn’t join us during a live webinar? Re-watch our most recent webainrs and live events below.

Japan, Scotland’s Gateway to Pacific Trade

During this event, sector experts will participate in a panel discussion on the future of relationships that can be forged around the CPTPP. Part of the focus of this webinar is on UK’s opportunity to collaborate with the CPTPP

China and the Credit Crisis

Giles Chance discusses his book which focuses on China’s emergence as a huge source of cheaper supply placed downward pressure on global manufactured goods prices, creating disinflation which led to much lower interest rates

India – Scotland Water Partnership

India Scotland Water Partnerships is an opportunity to learn about recent developments and milestones of the Ganga Rejuvenation project and to hear Scottish experts and counterparts’ ideas on how best to collaborate on the wide range of challenges presented by this monumental remediation effort, the largest infrastructure related ESG project of its kind in the world

Asia: Through the Lens of John Thomson

Exhibition curator, Betty Yao MBE, discuss legendary Scottish photographer and travel writer John Thomson’s life, career, legacy and the enduring appeal of his photographs in this digital age.

Jordan and America: An Enduring Friendship

Bruce Riedel’s latest book, ‘Jordan and America: An Enduring Friendship is the first book to tell the remarkable story of the relationship between Jordan and the United States and how their leaders have navigated the dangerous waters of the most volatile region in the world.

The Third Pole: How climate change is affecting the Tibetan Plateau

The region that encompasses the Hindu Kush Himalayas mountain range and the Tibetan Plateau is widely known as the Third Pole because its ice fields contain the largest reserve of fresh water outside the polar regions. Asia is the centre for some of the most serious problems and also solutions for climate change, and this panel discussion will explain why.

Evergrande and the China Property Bubble – Business and the Politics

Evergrande is the second largest property developer in China – this webinar looks to answer the questions regarding the confluence of business and politics in the PRC, and what this means for other large companies.

The Future of Terrorism

A panel of three experts from the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews,  academic world leader dedicated to the study of the causes, dynamics, characteristics and consequences of terrorism and related forms of political violence, talk about their views on the future of terrorism

‘Afghanistan – Doomed to repeat the mistakes of past wars’ – William Dalrymple

Renowned historian William Dalrymple is in conversation with Roddy Gow and the Asia Scotland Institute to discuss how foreign armies in Afghanistan have been doomed to repeat the mistakes of past wars.

Relations with Russia and China from the European perspective

Russia has been a long term worry for Europe since the Cold War, but tensions have been heightened in the past decade as Russia has intervened in Ukraine, annexed the Crimea, and continued to undermine human rights.  As the USA enters into a heightened period of competition and confrontation with China, Europe is forced to navigate its way through the political and economic fallout.  

Afghanistan – A country or tribes at war?

The Asia Scotland Institute and the Defence and Security Forum (DSF) co-host this webinar with Bruce Riedel, as well as comments from Martin Rahmani, for this important discussion of the future of Afghanistan.

The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on Public Health and Social Policy

The Asia Scotland Institute are joined by a panel of three accomplished clinical, research and policy colleagues to discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affects public health & social policy now and in the future.

Clear Thinking and Sound Judgement in China

The Asia Scotland Institute and the Worldwide Support for Development jointly host a hybrid event where we are privileged to be joined by the Hon Tony Abbott AC to discuss how China is seen from Australia in relation to economic, political and values issues.

UK-India Relations: Transformation, Not Evolution

The Asia Scotland Institute is joined by Alex Ellis, the British High Commissioner to India, and Poonam Gupta OBE, for a discussion of the future of UK relations with India and the key issues involving our countries.

The Macroeconomic Outlook in China

The Asia Scotland Institute is joined by three highly experienced economists to discuss the macroeconomic outlook and provides insight into the macroeconomic development of China from unique perspectives. 

The Global Reach of the City of Glasgow College and its Programmes

The Asia Scotland Institute is joined by Paul Little, Principal and Chief Executive Officer of City of Glasgow College for a discussion on the global reach of the City of Glasgow College and its programmes that it has on offer.

How I Became Putin’s Number One Enemy

The Asia Scotland Institute is joined by Bill Browder to discuss his book, the story of the whitewash by Russian authorities of the imprisonment and murder of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who was beaten to death whilst in the custody of the Interior Ministry.

Adapting America’s China Strategy in an Age of Competitive Interdependence

The Asia Scotland Institute is delighted to host a discussion with Ryan Hass on his book, “Stronger: Adapting America’s China Strategy in an Age of Competitive Interdependence”.

The Future of Afghanistan

This webinar hosts senior members of the National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to discuss the nature of the challenges posed by the departure of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan

Myanmar: Revolution or Chaos?

An insight into this critical situation that has long term implications for business and political relations in South East Asia.

US Foreign Policy in Asia

Our expert panellists discuss the changing nature of US foreign policy in Asia and in particular in relation to China.

Rugby in Asia: China, Hong Kong, Japan and the Scottish connection

We discuss the huge growth of rugby in Asia with panellists who illustrate the influence of Scotland and the Scots on the game in the region.

Relations with Iran: A New Era from 2021?

In this joint event with the Defence & Security Forum, our panellists discuss the future for Iran and the outlook for new relations between the country and the West. 

Impact Investing: The Impact Revolution & shaping the economic system as a force for good

Sir Ronald Cohen, regarded globally as the ‘father of impact investment’ discusses how impact can be measured and how impact and profit can go hand in hand. 

The Future for Indian Business

Our expert panellists discuss the future of Indian business as Asia becomes the largest economic region and India one of the most important economies in the world. 

Blood, Metal and Dust: How Victory Turned into Defeat in Afghanistan & Iraq

The Asia Scotland Institute and the Defence & Security Forum co-host a discussion with Brigadier Ben Barry regarding the analysis of his new book and Vanda Felbab-Brown to discuss how the war in Afghanistan ends.

Father Figure: South Asian Art Through the Eyes of Wahab Jaffer

The Asia Scotland Institute and the British Pakistan Foundation, in collaboration with the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation, are pleased to present an exhibition curated by Nour Aslam

Pakistan: The Outlook for Stability

The Asia Scotland Institute and the Defence & Security Forum co-host an expert panel to discuss the future for Pakistan based on the history of the country and current developments.  

Developing a Balanced Relationship with China

The Asia Scotland Institute host a panel discussion regarding how the countries of the West can develop a balanced relationship with China. 

Myanmar’s Future: Democracy or Military Dictatorship?

We are joined by Dr. Azeem Ibrahim who discusses what is happening now in Myanmar, and what the business and political outlook is for the future. 

Chinese Ink Artists and their Value

The Asia Scotland Institute is joined by Michael Goedhuis as we discuss why Chinese ink artists are important for representing the link between China’s great past and the galloping pace towards her future.

Heritage Building Restoration in China

A panel discussion regarding the restoration of heritage buildings in China, which will include the Ling Zhao Xuan (or Crystal Palace) in Beijing, the Tai Kwun art complex in Hong Kong, and the Borderless Community of Zi Ni Twelve Portals in Guangzhou.

Where next for Japan-UK relations in the 2020s?

This webinar acts as a discussion of the recent UK and Japan trade agreement and of whether digitalisation will spur the post-pandemic recovery

David Andelman – ‘A Red Line in the Sand’

We are joined in our latest webinar with author and journalist, David Andelman, discussing his new book ‘A Red Line in the Sand’.

Alan Rosling: Could India make the Carbon Neutrality pledge too?

Alan Rosling discusses India’s climate change policy response and whether India might follow the other leading Asian economies, China, Japan and South Korea, to pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050.

A Focus on Contemporary Architecture as a Symbol for Optimism

A panel of experts discuss the unique project of Zaha Hadid’s monumental, award-winning Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in Baku, Azerbaijan as well as other outstanding examples of architecture in Central Asia and how this relates to the history of the region.

Suneel Bakhshi – Leadership and Building a Performance Culture

We are delighted to announce a webinar with Suneel Bakhshi, President & CEO of Mizuho International plc. to discuss ‘leadership and building a performance culture’.

China and its Challenge in the Eastern Mediterranean

 China’s increasing activity in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean as part of its Belt and Road strategy poses potential threats. What should be done to address these challenges and concerns? Are China’s actions benevolent or not? 

Stephen Bird, CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen

Stephen covers a broad range of topics with a focus on Asia, not least his assessment of the contemporary global situation and the implications for markets and investments, the importance of understanding the Asia markets, leading and leadership of a global company and the opportunities for Scots to succeed in this context.

Ambassador  Ümit Yalçın – Turkish Foreign Policy in a Changing World

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with the Defence & Security Forum to host a joint webinar with Ambassador Ümit Yalçın to discuss Turkish foreign policy in a changing world.

Jenny Gu – President, ACCA & CEO, Richemont China

Jenny Gu is President of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA, an organisation that represents more than 227,000 qualified members and 544,000 future members worldwide. Additionally, Jenny is the CEO at Richemont China, responsible for overall operational leadership and strategy.

Carne Ross: Elections in the West and the need for ‘gentle anarchism’

Carne Ross, founder of Independent Diplomat, talks about the recent election in the West, popular movements effecting change in the world and the need for ‘gentle anarchism’.

Success in Business, British-Pakistan Relations & Future Opportunities

Asif Rangoonwala, Aneel Mussarat, Amjad Pervez & Dr Suhail Chughtai discuss British Pakistani Relations and Opportunities for the Future. This webinar exposes the experience of these three highly successful British businessmen in an attempt to learn more about British-Pakistan relations, succeeding as a British-Pakistani in Britain and learning about future opportunities for UK/Pakistan trade.

The Honourable Kevin Rudd and Lord Robertson

We are delighted to publish the webinar with the Honourable Kevin Rudd AC, Former Prime Minister of Australia and now among other appointments, President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen is in conversation with Kevin on a variety of  contemporary topics affecting Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Ambassador Nicholas Burns

Ambassador Burns shares his extensive experience of foreign service, international relations, diplomacy and security across a wide range of contemporary global issues.

Lalage Snow – A Journey Through Conflict In Search Of Calm

An award-winning freelance journalist, writer, photographer and film-maker, Lalage has covered war and unrest in the Middle East since 2007. Lalage shares with us her surprising, tragic and beautiful journey through the darkest places of the modern world, revealing the ways people make time for nature even in the middle of destruction.

David Miliband & the International Rescue Committee Webinar

A distinguished panel of the International Rescue Committee join the Institute to explain the Committee’s work in Asia promoting Survival, Protection, Recovery & Renewal – with a recorded message from David Miliband, President & CEO of the IRC

Rana Mitter – China’s Good War: How WWII is Shaping a New Nationalism

Chinese leaders once tried to suppress memories of their nation’s brutal experience during World War II. Now they celebrate the “victory”—a key foundation of China’s rising nationalism.

The Asia Scotland Institute has invited Rana Mitter, a British historian and political scientist who specialises in the history of republican China, to talk about his new book ‘China’s Good War’.

Gordon Dewar, CEO Edinburgh Airport

Institute Chairman, Roddy Gow and Jenna Donaldson, from Qatar Airways puts questions to Gordon Dewar to discover challenges of running an international airport and the added complexities of dealing with COVID 19 within the context of a fast-changing aviation industry.

David Miliband & the International Rescue Commitee

A distinguished panel of the International Rescue Committee join the Institute to explain the Committee’s work in Asia promoting Survival, Protection, Recovery & Renewal

Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever

Alan Jope, CEO Unilever discusses the achievements of Unilever, its sustainable development and its growth into Asia.

Professor Peter Mathieson – Principal & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh

Professor Peter Mathieson speaks to the Institute about a broad range of contemporary issues impacting on Edinburgh University and higher education, including the impact of COVID 19.

Quo Vadis for the UK Economy

Quo Vadis for the UK economy?  This webinar addresses the future for the UK economy post COVID, post BREXIT as the UK aspires to create new bilateral trade deals and the implications for our relationships with America and Asia. To discuss this issue we were joined by a distinguished panel of economists: Bridget Rosewell, Gerard Lyons & Patrick Minford

The Syncretic Culture of India’s Monumental Architectural Heritage

As part of our arts & culture programme, this webinar discusses the conservation of heritage townscapes in India with Institute Board Member, Lord Charles Bruce DL and Sunita Kohli a world-leading expert in historical architectural restoration.  

The Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen in conversation with the Institute Chairman

The Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT, GCMG, HonFRSE, PC speaks to Roddy Gow, Institute Chairman, about contemporary Defence & Security matters. 

Bridging the Gap on differing transatlantic perceptions to address unwanted Chinese assertiveness.

The world is confronting unique changes in relations among the United States, Europe, and China, which have been further exacerbated by COVID-19. With an acclaimed panel of experts, this webinar considers differing transatlantic perceptions to determine what should be done to achieve greater consensus to deliver a more effective response to unwanted Chinese assertiveness.

Tom Nagorski, Asia Society’s, Executive Vice President 

Tom Nagorski talks to the Institute about the work and activities of his organisation, the Asia Society. The Asia Scotland Institute has modelled itself around Asia Society in its efforts to create stronger awareness and partnerships between Scotland and Asia.   

Indonesia Webinar – Part 1 & 2

In conjunction with the Indonesian Embassy in London, Asia Scotland Institute discuss the highlights and the achievements of and the opportunities in Indonesia. 

What are we to understand from the recent violent clashes on the India/China border

In association with the Defence & Security Forum the Asia Scotland Institute presents this this webinar on India/China relations. The growing friction between China and India has become apparent with Chinese and Indian troops facing off at multiple points on the remote, disputed border between the two nations. This webinar will carefully consider these recent events on the India-China border and the underlying motivations of the two countries to assess the implications for the region.

The ASI interviews Megan Gaffney, International Rugby Player

The Asia Scotland Institute talks to Scotland International rugby player, Megan Gaffney.  Megan hails from North Berwick, she has played for Scotland at under-18, Scotland Women A, Scotland under-20, Scotland Women and Scotland Women 7’s.  Megan talks about her involvement in Scottish rugby, the impact of coronavirus on her training and her work with the charity School of Hard Knocks which is doing sterling work across the UK.

Vietnam’s management of COVID-19, it’s economy & opportunities post COVID

The Asia Scotland Institute is delighted to present this webinar with HE Ambassador Tran Ngoc An, Vietnam’s Ambassador to the UK and a distinguished, panel of experts talking about Vietnam’s management of COVID 19, it’s economy post pandemic, the country’s position in Asia and its relations with its neighbours and the opportunities for bilateral trade and investment.