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The Asia Scotland Institute is a non-profit organisation which exists to promote a greater understanding of Asia through the sharing of knowledge. We run regular events with global leaders from across Asia, with the aim of stimulating curiosity and fostering an environment to promote the exchange of knowledge.

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Afghanistan’s female volleyball players tell of threats and fear

George Wright, BBC News – 23 September 2021 Zahra Fayazi, a former coach for the Afghanistan women’s volleyball team, tells the BBC her fears as her fellow teammates move from province to province in an attempt to escape the Taliban whilst one has already been killed. Zahra states “I can’t see a future for volleyball…

The war in Afghanistan has shaped an entire generation in the West

Constanze Stelzenmuller, Brookings – 2 September 2021 “The outcome of the final, but as yet unfinished, act of the West’s intervention in Afghanistan will determine its legitimacy. And what happens now will affect trust between politicians, civil societies, and the armed forces for years to come.” This article on Brookings describes why the aftermath of…

What the Arab Gulf is thinking after the Afghanistan withdrawal

Kirsten Fontenrose, Atlantic Council – 23 September 2021 Kirsten Fontenrose of the Atlantic Council reports on how the three heavyweights in the Gulf, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are responding to the crisis in Afghanistan. This article looks, specifically, at how it will impact their relationship with the U.S. and also their security environment.…

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