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How Xi Jinping is Ruining China’s Dream of a Century of Dominance

Xi Jinping’s ascend to power in 2013 meant there was no doubt that this century would be China’s century – an economic heavyweight on a historically unparalleled upward trajectory. But all of this has changed now, and almost all of it can be traced back to Xi himself. Xi Jinping’s government holds a great deal…

Foreign Policy and US-China Relations – Unknowable consequences of COVID-19

Within the space of a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives and the world around us. Yet, one of the most important aspects is that we have moved into a world of far greater unknowability about the future. In the world of foreign policy, and especially in times of crisis, the best…

Clouded thinking in Washington and Beijing on COVID-19 crisis

This article from the Brookings Institute highlights how difficult domestic situations in both China and the United States is encouraging more nationalistic and ‘wolf-warrior’ diplomacy in their dealings with each other.

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