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Herd immunity in Europe – are we close?

This article was originally published in The Conversation and was written by Jeremy Rossman. While no country claims to be pursuing herd immunity as a strategy, some – such as Sweden – have taken a more relaxed approach to containing the coronavirus. So how has the relaxed approach fared for Sweden – is it close to…

How technology is safeguarding health and livelihoods in Asia

This Mckinsey & Company article considers how deepening technological capabilities and innovations in Asia —most notably digital and mobile technologies—enabled early responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Six broad categories of measures to safeguard both health and livelihoods helped guide governments and businesses in the region. They could also help countries in and beyond Asia as…

How airlines can chart a path to zero-carbon flying

The coronavirus crisis will transform aviation, giving airlines their best chance yet to address climate change. Sustainable fuels are a key part of that strategy. This Mckinsey & Company article considers the current retrenchment in the aviation industry by virtue of COVID19 and the extent this will lead to structural changes that might provide an…

Asian B2B decision maker response to COVID-19 crisis

B2B decision makers are responding quickly, though actions and customer preferences vary by region. With thanks to Mckinsey & Company we bring this article which provides details on their regular, global surveys which are tracking how customers’ expectations, spending, and behaviours are changing throughout the pandemic across multiple countries over time.

Consumer sentiment evolves as the next “normal” approaches

While countries around the world begin to reopen and pockets of spending return, consumers continue to feel the financial impact of the crisis. As the COVID-19 crisis continues, optimism is largely holding steady globally, this Mckinsey & Company article explores consumer sentiment, trend sand impact here:

Preventing violent extremism during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

This article from the Brookings Institute, by Eric Rosand, Khalid Koser, and Lilla Schumicky-Logan is part of their ‘Order from Chaos’ series. While the world’s attention appropriately focuses on the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, the threat of violent extremism remains, and has in some circumstances been exacerbated during the crisis. The moment demands…

Turning back the Poverty Clock: How will COVID-19 impact the world’s poorest people?

In this Brookings article by Homi Kharas and Kristofer Hamel originally published in the Brookings Future Development series, they explain their logic for extreme global poverty rising by about 50 million people in 2020 but cautioning that this estimate remains in the middle of a wider range estimated by a team of World Bank economists.…

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