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Scotland voting on more than independence

“Weak social mood” across Europe is having an impact on Scotland’s referendum debate, says consultant Peter Atwater, author of Moods and Markets Peter AtwaterAs a socionomist and a researcher in confidence-driven decision-making, I have been watching the polls in Scotland closely. Changes in confidence alter our preferences, decisions, and actions, and history shows a strong…


New life in the old city of Kabul

Training in traditional crafts and literacyAfghanistan was once a great centre of civlisation at the heart of the Silk Road, before decades of conflict almost destroyed its wonderful artistic heritage.  Today a unique project in the Old City of Kabul is reviving Afghanistan’s architectural and artistic traditions and you can read more about it and…


Ukraine Conflict

Global affairs analyst Marco Vincenzino, a member of our International Advisory Council, explains why the Ukraine crisis marks the start of a new “Cold Peace” between East and West Marco VincenzinoAs the Ukraine conflict inched towards a ceasefire, NATO leaders emerged from a historic summit with a renewed sense of purpose, and also an element…

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