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Business in the Asian Century Dominic Barton

Dominic Barton, global managing director of McKinsey & Co, shares insights and advice on how to get ahead in the Asian Century Business people don’t come much more successful or distinguished than Dominic Barton. A former Rhodes scholar, for two decades he has been a major player with McKinsey & Co, the world’s best known…


Unlocking the potential of China

Courage, empathy and resilience are the key to doing business in China, says consultant and Asia Scotland Institute Fellow David Clive Price Shanghai skyline (photo: Pete Stewart) We all know the success story that is China. It’s the world’s second largest economy. It has cash reserves of US $3.75 trillion. It is the world’s biggest…


Middleland, our lost realm

A great kingdom spanning England and Scotland died when the border went up, says Rory Stewart MP, a member of the Asia Scotland Institute’s International Advisory Council  Hadrian’s Wall The ideas of “England” and “Scotland” are immensely powerful in the year of the referendum. Perhaps this is why it took me so long to understand that…