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The WeekLI

HEADLINES The Legatum Prosperity Index™ looks at how prosperity is forming and changing across the world The UK Prosperity Index goes beyond traditional measures to give a rich picture of life in the UK. The Czech Republic delivers greater prosperity than expected given its wealth. ABOUT LEGATUM INSTITUTE: THE PROSPERITY INDEX Each week we feature an […]

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Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing Volume VI, Issue 20: Thursday, 18th May, 2017 Gateway House Features & Blogs Pakistan: riding high While India claims to have isolated Pakistan over the issue of terrorism, the country has, in fact, skillfully used its location to geopolitical advantage, and is currently enjoying a moment of revived regional relevance Read more […]


Asia Scotland Institute adds two Trustees to its Board

Roddy Gow, Chairman and Founder of the Asia Scotland Institute, announced the election of two new Trustees to the Board of the Institute, Dr Susan Carpenter and Mr Adam Purvis. Susan Carpenter is a distinguished author and expert on Japan and its Economic History, having lived in Japan and worked within major Japanese corporations. A […]


Forget the Third Arrow and Behold the Old World Order

‘Dr. Susan Carpenter originally produced Forget the Third Arrow and Behold the Old World Order: a journey into the depths of Japan Inc. for the ASI, which is a remarkable study of Japan and the evolution and then stagnation of its corporate and political institutions. The story that she weaves begins with her early observations […]


A Letter from Singapore

Scottish Secretary David Mundell visits Singapore to promote Scotland’s business interest In a comment piece written for The Straits Times during his visit to Singapore, Scottish Secretary David Mundell highlighted the historical links and close relationship between Scotland and Singapore, and expressed confidence that the UK’s relationship with Singapore will go from strength to strength.  >>> […]

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Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing Volume VI, Issue 18: Thursday, 4th May, 2017 Gateway House Features & Blogs Erdogan visits: cooperation, triangulation The newly powerful Turkish president’s visit led to both sides committing to a stronger economic relationship and boosting people-to-people contact, but it had its unacceptable moments, and India had prepared for its unpredictability of outcome […]

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The WeekLI

HEADLINES Prosperity UK Conference looks to make Brexit a success. Matthew Elliott warns populism isn’t dead; it’s just not confined to the right. Mexico’s Secretary of Economy comments on trade opportunities. COMING TOGETHER TO MAKE BREXIT A SUCCESS Prosperity UK hosted its inaugural conference this week to address the major challenges and opportunities which Brexit presents […]

Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing Volume VI, Issue 17: Thursday, 27th April, 2017 Gateway House Features & Blogs Obituary: Yameen Rasheed Yameen Rasheed (1988-2017), a Gateway House writer, blogger and activist, was always full of sharp insights about his country’s politics Read more By Sameer Patil, Director, Centre for International Security & Fellow, National Security Studies, Gateway […]