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Turkey’s ‘Attempted Coup’ and the day after

Marco Vicenzino is a globally acknowledged expert on geopolitical events. He is a member of our distinguished International Advisory Council and we are pleased to share the attached comments and interview clip providing his views on the developing situation in Turkey.

Asian Culture in Scotland

The Asia Scotland Institute introduces Asian Culture in Scotland The Asia Scotland Institute recommends a full cultural selection of Asia-related events happening throughout Scotland.   The Asia Scotland Institute is a non-profit organisation which exists to promote a greater understanding of Asia through the sharing of knowledge. The importance of cultural events must not be…

Gateway House

Weekly Briefing Volume V, Issue 27: Thursday 7th July, 2016 Gateway House Features & Blogs India-Africa ties: pitching higher Prime Minister Modi’s tour of four African countries will seek to build upon high-level visits to the continent, providing fresh impetus for the reinforcement of India-Africa relations in matters of diplomacy, business, security, and energy,…

China’s Ripening Taste for Cheese

By Betty Du As China continues to globalise, the nation’s rich and long-standing food culture has been receptive to Western influences and many in the booming middle class have acquired a taste for non-traditional foods, such as cheese. At present, due to the widespread prevalence of Western fast food chains, cheese consumption is predominantly driven…

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