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A Letter From Glasgow

On November 29th Dr. Gerard Lyons will speak¬†both in Edinburgh and Glasgow, providing greater insight to people in Scotland of the opportunities and threats of Chinese investment. Economic ties between the U.K. and China will demand more attention after Brexit and could be more significant than ever before. In Glasgow Gerard will be delivering a…

New MV

Why Trump won – Marco Vicenzino

Marco Vicenzino, member of the Asia Scotland Institute’s International Advisory Council, is a leading specialist and commentator on American politics and in particular, the Trump Presidency and its impact upon Europe and the UK. In the video below Marco¬†analyses why and how Trump won the presidential election.

Gateway House Weekly Briefing

Weekly Briefing Volume V, Issue 46: Thursday, 17th November, 2016 The Gateway of India Dialogue Conference Report The inaugural The Gateway of India Dialoguewas held on 13-14 June, 2016 and saw participation by several esteemed members of the Indian and international diplomatic and business communities, including representation by the Indian government. See more from…

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