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A Letter From Singapore

The Princess Royal visits Singapore The Princess Royal visited Singapore earlier in November to attend the 27th Commonwealth Agriculture Conference with Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland.  While in Singapore, she also visited Jurong Port and the Kranji Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery. >>> Read more <<< Revealed: The most entrepreneurial countries in the world Singapore has topped…


Shanker Singham & Elizabeth Linder – The future of British trade

Shanker Singham and Elizabeth Linder take us through the options ahead for both exports from and imports to Britain as we gathered in Stirling to discuss some of the most critical yet opaque trade issues affected by Britain’s newfound place in the global world order.


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

According to a 2011 McKinsey report, more than $1 trillion of annual investment is required to meet requirements for infrastructure development in Asia – a demand that continues to swell as India, China, ASEAN, and smaller developing nations lead the vanguard of global economic growth. To meet this demand, foreign private sector investment in infrastructure…

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