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Beware changing times on the Russian front

Roddy Gow, OBE, writes, “The role of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin has gone through significant changes over the past six months. From the pariah who annexed Crimea to obstructionist in the Middle East…“ Read the full article (PDF) ›   


The Wojtek Memorial Story

There is a new addition to Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh. Unveiled on 7th November 2015 a memorial to Polish soldiers and Wojtek “the Polish Soldier Bear” now takes its place on the upper terrace in the west of the gardens just opposite Castle Street. It has quickly become a photo shoot location and meeting…


Colin Mayer

Professor Colin Mayer“So the underlying question is: is it possible for China to get the best of both worlds [Western and Asian] in terms of reform going forward? And for the most part, I am going to answer: ‘Yes, I think it is’” – Professor Colin MayerColin Mayer, world-renowned expert in corporate governance, delivered a…

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