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Gurjit Singh Lalli businessman of the year

Gurjit Singh Lalli receives his awardGurjit Singh Lalli, our Executive Director, was named Businessman of the Year at the 2014 Scottish Asian Business Awards in Glasgow.  The judges said Gurjit’s “different style” and “his commitment to social business” were the mainfactors in helping him secure the prestigious prize.  Gurjit has several business interests, but he won…


James Brett – Plant for Peace

James Brett“Dreams, if you believe, can become reality”– James Brett, founder of Plant for Peace They say that which does not kill us makes us stronger. James Brett proves the point.  James is the driving force behind Plant for Peace, a charity he set up in 2007 to help smallholder farmers in conflict zones achieve…


Is China the new Japan?

Pudong, ShanghaiThere is no doubt that China is currently undergoing social and economic changes that will have a profound effect on both China and the world. Information sharing is one of the most far-reaching of these changes. Some sources estimate that the number of Chinese citizens using social media exceeds 600 million: that is half…


Insights into business in Korea

Totem polesNever mind the Chinese and Japanese, what’s it like doing business with the South Koreans? In some way, the inhabitants of South Korea are a bit of a mystery for Westerners. For example, unlike other “Confucian” societies in Asia, they are not oblique and indirect in their manner. They look you straight in the…


Sir David Warren

Sir David Warren in Edinburgh There is of course only one way to try to truly understand Japan – go and live there. But perhaps the next best thing is to spend time in the company of Sir David Warren, former UK ambassador to the Land of the Rising Sun. Sir David is an impressive…


Lord Desai

   Lord Desai          When Lord Desai stands up to speak you can be sure of one thing – what you are about to hear will not be dull. You can expect the unexpected. And that’s exactly what happened when the distinguished economist and iconoclast addressed Asia Scotland Institute in Edinburgh during…

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