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“Monsters” in the house? What to do about Malaysia’s government-linked companies

By Jayant Menon – Asian Development Bank   About a month before Malaysia’s parliamentary election in May 2018, then-opposition leader Mahathir Mohamad raised concerns over the role that government-linked companies (GLCs) were playing in the economy, being “huge and rich” enough to be considered “monsters”. Datasupport his description—GLCs account for about half of the benchmark Kuala Lumpur Composite…

Comparing Neighbours

Comparing Neighbours

COMPARING NEIGHBOURS – CHINA VS JAPAN BY ANDREW KEILLER – BAILLIE GIFFORD By definition, miracles are extremely rare occurrences, but Asia has been fortunate enough to have been blessed by more than one economic miracle in modern times. The extraordinary development of China is the most current example, with Japan’s post World War II revival…


A Letter from Sri Lanka

Kenneth Akintewe Head of Asian Sovereign Debt Letter from Sri Lanka: a bond market opportunity? Mention Sri Lanka and tea, cricket, sea and safari typically come to mind. These are the more positive perceptions of the country. But political turmoil, policy confusion, currency depreciation and a bond scandal remain some of the negatives that the…