Sir Clive Johnstone – Keep our sea lanes open and safe & the challenges of maritime trade and security

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Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone, KBE, CBE, a previous NATO Commander, Allied Maritime Command, will speak on mercantile security and the importance of maintaining the global sea lines of communication


Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone, a Distinguished Fellow of RUSI, is fascinated by the perturbations in events that change the course of history and the lack of understanding of positions, policies and the environment that leads to tension and misunderstanding. Schooled through a career in the Royal Navy that included deployments to most parts of the globe on a range of different warships, he has held senior roles including Flag Officer Sea Training, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff for Policy and most recently NATO’s Allied Maritime Commander. He read anthropology at university and has a lifelong interest in geography and in talent management. He is deeply interested in the Arctic and High North, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as well as the impact of global water shortages and population growth.


The sea lines of communication (SLOC) comprise the umbilical cord of a state’s economy and the arteries of a region’s economic health. Unimpeded SLOC are vital to the economic growth and security of a nation whose critical resources, allies and adversaries lie beyond the World Ocean. With over 90 percent of global trade occurring by sea, the importance of SLOCs, especially chokepoints remain a constant and when geopolitical issues associated with SLOCs have been misunderstood or overlooked, the consequences have been severe. The issue of Chinese assertiveness has become a big are of focus for International Relations scholars in recent years due to China’s growing global and regional impact in Asia, which is increasingly challenging USA’s hard and soft power in the region. This important area will provide the context for Vice Admiral Sir Clive Johnstone to address key issues on mercantile security and the importance of maintaining the global sea lines of communication.

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December 04 2020


Date: December 4
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm



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