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Meet Asia in Scotland.

The Asia Scotland Institute selected for you a range of Asia related events happening throughout Scotland in the upcoming Fringe Festival.


The events were gathered by Eric Östring, who is currently working for the membership team at the Asia Scotland Institute, and studies Economics at the University of Edinburgh. He believes that in a more integrated world understanding cultures and varying perspectives enables us to collaborate better. By working for the Institute and going on exchange to Asia he wishes to deepen his knowledge of different cultures and learn from influential leaders of varying fields. 


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Past events



“A Chinese Bestiary”

This story talks about a boy’s growth experience, as he understands the Chinese myth of Shan Hai Jing. In this play, we will combine the Chinese traditional musical instrument performance with usage of the special shadow visual effect.

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“Chinese Children’s Art – A Celebration”

A vibrant and joyous performance showcasing the best of young talent from China and featuring over 15 unique Chinese folk dances. Young China Shines is an umbrella company bringing together the best of young performance talent from China – this year’s company is made up of over 300 children and young people aged 10-15 from over 15 cities across the country. Led by multiple award-winning artistic director Wang Yi, Young China Shines prepares to give its most memorable performance ever. With bright visuals, authentic Chinese folk music and a charming young company.

For more information (including a short clip of a past performance) and tickets please visit:


“Chinese Children’s Art Exhibition”

A truly unique exhibition inspired by the historic Silk Road connecting East and West, featuring an array of paintings by 200 talented children and young people from over 20 Chinese cities.

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“The Creation Myths of China”

The shows are based on Chinese classical myths of the very beginning of the world. Like ancient myths from Greece of the very beginning of the world, China also owns their own explanation of how the world was born. HuaiJu – a 100-year-old traditional opera originally from Jiangsu Province in China, recognised by the United Nation’s non-material cultural heritage list. Shanghai HuaiJu Opera Troupe is a professional troupe which focuses on performing traditional Chinese Opera based in Shanghai.

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“The Magical Trip of a Bead – Stories from China”

The Magical Trip of a Bead is musical theatrical piece suited for people of all ages. The show tells the story of three young children, who together try to complete a series of challenging trials, with the help of five mythical Chinese characters – the glass slipper, the witch mirror, the matches, Nüwa, and the Foolish Old Man. This is a story of friendship, growth, and pursuit of one’s dreams. Straight from China, the Beijing Fengtai No. 1 Primary School will deliver a performance where orient meets the occident.

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“The Grey Life”

Open the window, take a breath – outside it’s grey. The world is polluted. We produce, we consume, we waste and we are never satisfied. How does our globalised world work? Why are we destroying it? Born as improvised immersive theatre dance with live music, The Grey Life has since been filmed as documentary-dance-theatre-film. With unique takes of movement and reactions of the dance-actors in The Grey Life, this film screening offers the chance to immerse you into the story as much as the original live audience.

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“The Key, the Map and the Mysterious Quest”

One sunny afternoon David and Lucy were playing with their dog in the garden and suddenly a strange creature called a Rapadoodle appeared. Coco the Rapadoodle gave them a magical key to open a golden chest. What’s inside and where will they go?

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“A Life on the Silk Road”

A dynamic multimedia production from the National Theatre of China, recreating the epic journey from east to west along the historic Silk Road. In a ground-breaking collaboration with French theatre makers, digital projection and an electronic soundtrack complement the evocative physical performance of a world-class cast of 16. Following the success of their 2017 Edinburgh Fringe production Luocha Land, this new production by celebrated choreographer Zhao Miao once again combines Chinese mythology with powerful visuals and contemporary physical theatre. ‘Passion and precision in physical theatre’ (Scotsman). ‘Colourfully macabre and slickly executed’ (

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“Lonely TWOgether Beijing Version”

What actors do on stage is an epitome of daily living, as our life is nothing but an improvisation. Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s The Bear and Uncle Vanya, Lonely TWOgether Beijing Version explores the classical texts through improvisation and adaptation in the context of Beijing culture, discovering human connections between 19th-century Russia and people in today’s Asia. Homo Ludens Ensemble dug into The Bear’s adaptation potential and improvised based on the characters’ relationships and the events in Uncle Vanya following devisors’ modern interpretations of the classical texts. Visit for more information.

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“Painted Skin. Return”

Whose fault? A ghost beautified by human skin or humans possessing the devil’s heart? Is it ever possible to avoid mistakes or is it destined to happen anyway? Without camouflage, would mankind’s world reveal itself as hell? It is generally believed mistakes can be amended as long as someone feels guilty. However in reality, this is not always the case. Is love just a superficial seduction or is it existent truly in the heart? Join the discussion and explore a fundamental theme told through surreal Chinese traditional folklore recreated with smash-hit elements and soul-touching music.

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“Dashanan / Kabeera”

Martial arts, acrobatics, folk dance, drama, exhilarating choreography, colourful costumes, atmospheric lighting and a double bill of exciting and elegant Indian dance. Dashanan: Ravana is traditionally a villain. Most interpretations of the epic Indian poem, Ramayana, show Rama (righteousness) prevailing over Ravana (nadir of evil). Dashanan offers a different viewpoint. Kabeera: This spiritual journey is like the flowing water of the rivers and their final union with the sea. Our life should be crystal clear, like the river water, where there is no place for caste, class or creed. Kabeera is based on Sufi, Kabeer’s dohas (couplets).

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“Harmony – The Mumbai Experience”

Mumbai… maximum city! Filled with dreamers, labourers, starlets, gangsters and lots and lots of colourful people. Presented to you by the students of The Aditya Birla Integrated School, India, a school for children with learning difficulties. Become a part of this melting pot as we take you on a quest for hope, happiness and harmony!

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Panchkanya: sufferings of five heroines of Indian mythology are experienced by many Indian women to this date. Some like the earth are stable, some feel affinity to the fire for their passion, some like water flow serenely through their life and some dream of being light as air, vast as space but most carry within themselves the shades of all five elements. Indian women are unique in the sense that they have affinity to each elemental woman by the way they look, feel or react to the society to which they belong.

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“Tibetan Monks Hands-on Workshop”

Meet the Tibetan monks from Tashi Lhunpo who are making a Peace Mandala in the Tantric tradition. They will introduce you to the unique traditions of Buddhist monastic art, including mandala making, printing prayer flags and the art of butter sculpture. You can learn some Tibetan language or make a dukar wheel which will be blessed by the monks to offer protection from negative influences. Tashi Lhunpo is one of the most important monasteries in Tibetan Buddhism, now in exile in India. A chance to learn more about an ancient, endangered culture.

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) and tickets please visit:


“Tibetan Monks Sacred Dance”

Tibet – the Land of Snows, home of Buddhist lamas whose ancient rituals have fascinated people for thousands of years. In exile since 1959, the monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery share their endangered culture with audiences in the West. The performance includes the music of the Himalayas – the long horns, bone trumpets, skull drums and oboes, masked dancers in brocade robes, sacred chant from the monastery and a display of the traditional art of debate, part of the monks’ spiritual education, and is accompanied by introductions explaining the background to the monastery and its culture.

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“Akiko Okamoto plays Mozart and Chopin Piano Concertos”

This talented, international Japanese-born pianist returns to the Fringe to perform Mozart’s piano concerto No 12 and Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 1. She will be accompanied by a local string quartet and will also perform an exciting programme of solo piano music.

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“Break Free”

Wasabeats Crew present the European premiere of Break Free featuring champion break dancers, each with world titles, who are ready to carve up the floor to reach dizzying new heights. Direct from Tokyo, this crew are world-class urban dancers, fusing the very best in skill and technique, state of the art technology and a thumping soundscape, alongside breath-taking never before seen tricks! Break Free is the ultimate breakdance fairy-tale suitable for all the family.

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“Dance Japan”

Based on the painting Akita no Gyoji by Tsuguharu Foujita (1937), Yoshitaka fuses the Japanese folk elements of Namahage, Hanekawa Kenbayashi and Akita Nikatabushi to create a new expression of Japan. Performed with Japanese traditional clothing and equipment such as Montsuki-Hakama, Hanui, Namahage mask, Katana and Sensu, Japanese traditional culture and folk arts are united with fast and furious footwork and improvised expression of UK jazz dance. Let yourself be transported through dance, music, culture and the taste of Japan. Small pieces of Sake and Iburi Gakko (traditional smoked pickles) will be served during the interval.

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The shut-up comedy! One of the few acts that can truly claim to be a global sensation are back with a show packed full of their very best world-conquering, fast-paced comedy. Since storming the Fringe in the noughties, Gamarjobat have performed in over 36 countries, from Broadway to China, and have racked up over 50 million views on YouTube. Stars of ITV’s Tonight at the London Palladium, Jason Manford’s Comedy Rocks and two-time winners of BBC’s BAFTA award-winning The Slammer. ‘Cartoon characters come to life’ (New York Times). ‘A cross between Laurel & Hardy and madness’ (Times).

For more information and tickets please visit:


“The Gate”

2017 hit returns! A magical rollercoaster noir mystery tour through Japanese children’s folklore. Acclaimed for her work in Japan, USA, Canada at the Fringe, Saori Aoki started the Kaso Jogi (Virtual Ruler) company to spread her unique physical theatre take on musicals around the world. Be greeted by the striking original songs of Makoto Honda, and a mysterious gatekeeper welcoming ‘all ye corpses’ with the suspect smile of one who might be an angel, a boatman on the Styx, or an emissary from hell. Breathtaking physical dance-theatre set to original live music.

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“Japan Marvelous Drummers”

Having performed in over 20 countries across the globe, Japan Marvelous Drummers use the traditional instruments of Japan, including drums of all sizes, the Koto harp, bamboo flutes and clarinet, to create a truly unique show. Combining the power of these instruments with dance, humour and beauty, this intense rhythmic show has the power to change the way you think about Japan forever. ‘This musical extravaganza displays phenomenal strength, coordination and stamina. A true spectacle of Japanese music’ ***** (ThreeWeeks).

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Jinrou TLPT”

This is the improvised play where you can infer with the actors, attracting more than 50,000 spectators in Japan. Werewolf – it’s such an abominable existence. At night with the full moon, it pretends to be someone who it had eaten by the mysterious charm of the moonlight, and preys on families or friends every night. Every performance, actors’ roles might be different. Sometimes they are a werewolf, sometimes they are a villager. Arranged in Japanese style, they infer through improvised discussion, trust and betrayal to penetrate others. The ending is also developed by the actors through improvisation.

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“No Sanction”

Reflecting myself in the mirror. The person in front of me is nobody. Nobody. Maybe somebody to you. In this corner of the world, I’m waiting for sanction. One man seeks a place to belong. From two tiny holes, what can you see? No Sanction is the story about the sense of belonging and existence. Where are you from? New writing from Japan.

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“Ollie Horn Made Some Funny Friends in Japan”

Lovable Brit Ollie Horn (‘always a crowd pleaser’ (Edd Daggers, ROR Comedy)) tells fast-paced tales of life as an unlikely Japanese TV star and life on the road as he tours around Asia’s weirdest comedy clubs. Special guest comic from the Asian circuit each day. ‘So much energy. This guy’s gonna have a heart attack on stage one day’ (Brendon Burns).

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Lovable Brit Ollie Horn (‘always a crowd pleaser’ (Edd Daggers, ROR Comedy)) tells fast-paced tales of life as an unlikely Japanese TV star and life on the road as he tours around Asia’s weirdest comedy clubs. Special guest comic from the Asian circuit each day. ‘So much energy. This guy’s gonna have a heart attack on stage one day’ (Brendon Burns).

For more information and tickets please visit:

“Percussionist Kuniko Kato in Edinburgh”

On July 11th, 2018, World-renowned percussionist Kuniko Kato will be performing works by J.S. Bach, Akira Miyoshi and Hywel Davies (UK) in the auditorium at Stockbridge Parish Church, 7.00-9.00pm. Through this concert Kuniko hopes to express her gratitude for the continued strong relationship between Japan and Scotland.

This is a rare chance to see a virtuoso performance from Japan. Kuniko is the only Japanese artist who signed exclusively with Linn Records based in Glasgow Scotland. Her last released album was named the #1 album of the year in 2017 and received the grand prize at the 2017 CD Shop Award in Japan.

Advanced reservation at

“Sushi Tap Show”

The sell-out comedy tap-dance hit is back at the Fringe! Awfully addictive eccentric performances combine tap, circus and comedy for an unforgettable toe-tapping experience you have never seen before. The 2014 winner of C’s Got Talent and nominee of the Asian Arts Award. Invitational performance at the Mervyn Stutter’s Pick of the Fringe and the National Museum of Scotland. ‘What a find’ **** (Scotsman). ‘Accomplished performers with an exceptional comedic ability’ **** ( ‘This is a very enjoyable show, light-hearted and warm’ ****(*)(

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“About Lady White Fox With Nine Tales…”

What if Lady Macbeth was the reincarnation of the mysterious White Fox? YVUA Arts present their award-winning About Lady White Fox with the Nine Tales… Excellent Domestic Performing Arts Production by Korean Cultural and Arts Centres Association, 2017. A powerful retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth based on the mysterious and exotic White Fox legend of the Orient. Stunning imagery, live painting and physical movement with Korean traditional instruments and music combine in a spellbinding and provocative reinterpretation of this classic story, examining the essential duplicity of human nature and the agony of endless desire.

For more information (including a clip from last year’s performance) and tickets please visit:


“Black and White Tea Room – Counsellor”

Theatre Hooam makes a welcome return to the Fringe with the award-winning Black and White Tea Room. Jeong-Heong-So offers counselling in the tearoom, but takes one day off every year: the anniversary of his wife’s death. A strange new client insists on being seen – but it soon becomes clear that the two have had a previous, far from positive encounter and an intense and bruising psychological battle ensues. Awards include: Best Actor and a Special Award at the Tokyo Tiny-Alice Festival. ‘Fantastic’ (

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Faust Korea”

Goethe’s Faust dealing with human agony and the way of salvation, is frequently read in Asia, especially in Korea. What kind of person is Faust in Korea today? What kind of person is Mephisto in Korea today? What kind of person is Grechen in Korea today? What is the ultimate appearance of an anguish or wandering human being in Korea today? What is the salvation of Koreans today? In the context of today’s Korean society where Western and Korean gods’ points of view are mixed, these questions lead us to a performance called Faust Korea.

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“Gwangju Metropolitan Korean Traditional Orchestra”

An orchestra like you have never seen before! The 45-piece orchestra from Gwangju, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, performs the ancient melodies of Korea with traditional instrumentation such as ajaeng, gayageum, haegeum and piri. These fine musical talents from Korea revive their legacy with both authenticity and creativity. Don’t miss out on this unique collaboration with the most accomplished of vocalists.

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) please visit:


“Just One Wise Life”

To be well or not to be well, that is the question. Everyone will always have one question in their hearts: whether they are living well. Physical theatre exploring the many peoples of Korea. A story of lecturers, mothers, part-timers, artists and heroes. Just One Wise Life begins with refusing the accepted definition of ethics. It questions the logic of contemporary ethics shared by society. It examines the ethics of new generations. The company have travelled to Edinburgh overland from Korea on their bus, performing as they go. Audience reviews from ‘Unique!’ ‘Fun, bitter-sweet, fantastic!’

For more information (including a short clip depicting their work) and tickets please visit:


“The Little Musician”

‘I will return sunshine to the dark cold world!’ In a world full of darkness, the warmth and light of the sun has gone missing. One girl, armed only with a flute, sets out on a brave adventure to find the lost sunshine. Join The Little Musician on her journey and help her to save the world from freezing! Combining live sound effects and inventive scenery, this beautiful and imaginative show reminds us of the real meaning of sunshine and relationships. A joyful, interactive show suitable for all the family.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“The Merry Wives of Seoul”

Koreanised adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic. Falstaff, a fat and debauched knight, tries to tempt two married women in Seoul and steal their wealth. But these two clever women see through his plan and set out to deceive him. A story that proves that women are more than the traditional helpers of men, but agents in their own right who outwit the plans society makes for them, and are ready to reform current traditions. EDP Soonchunhyang University return to Edinburgh with this brand new uniquely Korean physical comedy take on Shakspeare’s timeless tale.

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“Sweet Tango”

Tango-Korean music band, Gena Tango, presents a new look at tango through Korean eyes in a joyful musical experience that combines the urgent passion of Argentinian tango with traditional Korean instruments and music. The result is a fascinating fusion of Korean and Latin-American influences, creating an entirely new music genre that is both familiar and unfamiliar – bringing the variety of tone of the Korean music to the intoxicating rhythms of the tango. Gena Tango’s unique sound has seen them winning many awards and receiving critical acclaim. A celebration of world music at its very best.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“The Taming of the Shrew”

Stunningly original Korean update of the classic play returns to Edinburgh. Confucius meets Shakespeare with a dash of hip hop thrown in for good measure. Petruchio, a patriarch of the Confucian dynasty, tries to tame hip hop Kate into an obedient woman, but who will win in the end? This critically acclaimed worldwide tour returns to Edinburgh. Can there ever be harmony between Confucian patriarchalism and feminism? Between West and East? Traditional meets modern as beautiful Korean costumes and instruments fuse with hip hop dance and Western music. ‘A sure-fire winner’ (

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Woogie Boogie”

The vividly stunning screen show of BRUSH Theatre. Fantastic ocean with a lyrical story and vivid illustration. Shiny, sandy beach with live sound effects. Touching story singing the sorrow of parting and expectation of new meeting. Theatrical imagination and an abundant variety of attractions. ‘Waves are coming in, Boogie! Run!’ A lonely boy Woogie and his troublemaking pet turtle Boogie experience their first sea adventure. What will happen to them in the beautiful but scary world of sea? Will Woogie and Boogie safely return home?

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Staging of the famous play – Mike Bartlett’s Contractions by St Petersburg A.A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre. This ink-black satire features a series of short interviews between the human resources manager of a multinational company and a young woman working in the sales division. Mike Bartlett, who was thrilled, by his own words, that Contractions was having its premiere production in Russia, said that the message he wanted to translate to the viewers is ‘the importance of humanity versus faceless authority, and the necessity of frailty, emotion and above all, play.’

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Misha’s Gang”

Herald Angel winners on their 2017 Fringe debut, Misha Rachlevsky and his 14-strong Gang (Russian String Orchestra) return to Edinburgh with a completely new set of powerful music programmes. Embracing several different themes (such as adversaries and soul mates, fountain of youth, viva recycling!, lands of Pushkin and Burns), yet all performed in a wonderfully intimate setting with the energy and passion that sets the orchestra apart. This is classical music with a twist: vibrant and exciting, emotional and beautiful, traditional yet still surprising. ‘Unmissable musical highlight of the ringe’ ***** (Herald). ‘An unashamed crowd pleaser!’ ***** (ThreeWeeks).

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Misha’s Gang: Overdrive”

In Misha’s Gang, the Russian String Orchestra pays homage to the great composers. In Overdrive however they take a much more light-hearted look at them, sometimes with the help of other wonderful composers, to the amusement of even the most resolute classical music lovers. See this award-winning ensemble in a totally different light as they bring you some delightfully fun pieces ranging from PDQ Bach to Scott Joplin to waltz-tango duels, plus a few unusual surprises and solo performances each day. The show you will never forget, no matter how hard you might try!

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Oleg Denisov: Doublethink”

If information is in infinite supply, why are we surprised it has no value? Moscow’s top (yeah, only) satirical stand-up, the ‘quick-fire funny’ (Vin Arthey, Scotsman) Russian returns to Edinburgh from the neo-archaic futureland! A political animal from Putin’s petrified forest, and philosopher by training, Oleg, will third-world-splain propaganda and democracy, dissect Russian political zeitgeist and the test limits of identity and knowledge. ‘Preternaturally funny and brutally intelligent!’ (Ellyn Daniels, producer/actress).

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Russian Roulette”

Who will risk their life tonight? A rotating bill of bang-up performers from all over the Fringe, hand-picked by your charming Russian hostess Shantisha, the only belly-dancing compere on the Fringe. High-energy, unique dancing technique, exquisite costumes, tasteful choice of guest acts and an element of danger make Shantisha’s cabaret the perfect Fringe taster experience. Previous guest performers include Semi-Toned, Miriam Wolanski’s Pole and Aerial Fitness, Card Ninja and 100+ other spectacular acts. With a devil-may-care approach to danger, safely bet on a mind-blowing evening full of magic, variety, comedy, circus and more!

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Russian String Orchestra at Old Saint Pauls”

A series of very special evening concerts which combine the wonderfully vibrant playing of the Herald Angel Award-winning Russian String Orchestra with the atmospheric and historical ambience of one of Edinburgh’s most important and beautiful churches. Add in major works by Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Shostakovich and you have the perfect recipe for a truly memorable evening of world-class music, suitable for all age groups. The orchestra’s Misha’s Gang show in 2017 was described by The Herald as an ‘unmissable musical highlight of the Fringe’.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Sky Labyrinths”

‘I looked up in the skies. The Sky river changed its bed’ (Hattori Ransetsu). Once in a lifetime Sky Labyrinths open to everyone, but not everyone risks entering. These labyrinths are home to beauty and terror at the same time. They reveal the eternal secrets of the universe and pages of the books unwritten: there you can find your essence or get lost forever. It’s a road with no beginning or ending, a river of time carrying humans’ destiny. Those who come through these labyrinths will never be the same again.

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Does a body have its own soul? Does a body make us a human being? What is hidden beneath nudity, and what is nudity itself? Nudity is extreme openness and vulnerability and, at the same time, an incomprehensible power connected not only with sexuality. The magic of Eros, compelling power of nudity, way up and way down, transcendence and co-creation, fragility and strength.  Life, death, pain and love – all of this complex and unspeakable physical phenomenon is what we are researching in (Some)Body.

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“String of Kids: Misha’s Gang Presents”

Misha Rachlevsky and Russia’s finest string players engage, educate and entertain youngsters of all ages in a musical journey full of fun, interaction and surprises. Learn how sounds are made, how many nails it takes to make a cello (tricky!), what the dots, lines and squiggles mean, and much more. If you play an instrument bring it along, otherwise we’ll give you one and together we’ll create a big, loud orchestra. You may even get the chance to conduct while Misha rests! Adults may feel guilty having as much fun as the kids!

For more information and tickets please visit:


“The Whole of Shakespeare”

Artists of pantomime and clownery Mikhail Kukota and Igor Chekhov are graduates of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts. They present a completely new vision and new form of William Shakespeare’s famous drama plays through ironic consciousness. Sixteenth-century morality, English drama traditions, the author’s unrivalled genius and notorious subjects that outlived millions of interpretations and screenings are transformed in the creator’s imagination. An unexpected fusion, which would have surprised William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I and all the Elsinore population. The author of the show is the young talented director Ilya Moshchitsky, known for experimental cross-genre productions.

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“Ayman Jarjour, Syrian Guitarist”

Guitar music journey featuring Middle Eastern, Spanish, Latin American and classical flavours. Ayman Jarjour started learning guitar in Damascus, Syria, then studied in Madrid and Juilliard. He has performed concertos with orchestra and gave solo concerts in Syria, UK, USA, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Malta, Turkey, Tunis, Sudan and Taiwan. He recorded a CD featuring his Carnegie Hall concert in New York. His charity work includes fundraising for humanitarian and educational organisations along with visiting refugee camps to conduct workshops and provide musical instruments for children. The concert will include a visual presentation.

For more information and tickets please visit:






“Beyond Beauty – Our Country Taiwan”

Beyond Beauty – Our Country Taiwan. In the 16th century, gazing from the decks of ships off the coast of Southern China, Portuguese sailors saw a great green mass, thick with mountains and trees, rising from the sea. ‘Formosa!’ they exclaimed – ‘beautiful!’ – anointing the verdant place that would become known as Taiwan. Our team and dancers take that appraisal as inspiration for our own work of abstract beauty born from land and lore. With unparalleled grace, we mingle in intimations of community, making tribal ritual and urban bustle seem as one.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things”

A sad and lonely cockroach climbs out from a cardboard box; she doesn’t know where she is and there in front of her is a group of furry blurry fluffy things. What is she to do? Will she find some friends? Will the other creatures accept her? This is a charming and funny puppetry show for children and their family. Let’s join the adventure of the brave cockroach.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Lonely TWOgether Taipei Version”

How can we move on when we lose our love? Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s The Bear and Uncle Vanya, Lonely TWOgether Taipei Version explores the classical texts with a blend of Taipei culture, focusing on the human relationship to discuss how people react to loss, and how they move on with life. The stories developed by Taipei actors is an interesting representation of the city’s living style and how external environment and the culture embedded within ourselves affect our reactions to changes. Visit for more information.

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Bon 4 Bon”

Guided by Israeli choreographer Eyal Dadon, four real-life brothers take to the stage in a moving story of memories and mangos. The result is a smart serving of fresh, engaging dance by a young Taiwanese company ready to take on the world. Founded in 2011, Chang produces only one work per year. Bon 4 Bon is the first in which the siblings perform together using material that arose from improvisations centered round their individual experiences of being related. Together they’ve concocted a touching, humorous look at the slippery rhythms and habitual behaviours of family.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Once Upon a Daydream”

Bouncy, colourful, single female, employed but bored and lonely, seeks love and laughter. Sun Son Theatre welcomes you to a light-hearted world of live action and handcrafted animation, where the line between real life and fantasy is sweetly blurred and dreams can come true. Originally created by visual artist/actor Liu Wan Chun, this disarming show conjures up home as a safe but possibly confining place of salty tears and sugar water, bathroom karaoke and a mermaid alter ego who isn’t at all as ugly as he might sometimes feel.

For more information  and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: The Delusion of Home”

From the Chiayi area of southern Taiwan comes this strong and original documentary-style depiction of local contemporary life refracted through one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. Oyster farming and Taoist funeral rites are as much of a touchstone as King Lear in Our Theatre’s character-driven study of displacement, poverty, homelessness and the search for meaning and renewal. Live performance and projections are used with skilful intelligence to engage the audience’s senses while illuminating some stark human truths. And yet the production isn’t devoid of biting wit. How, it asks, can theatre connect with people?

For more information  and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Varhung – Heart to Heart”

Taiwan’s premier indigenous dance-theatre company presents a richly patterned, open-hearted performance in which private feelings are on the verge of being made public. Both physically and emotionally charged, Tjimur’s work embraces a bounty of intoxicating, artfully expressed sensations. Working in close collaboration with the company’s founding artistic director Ljuzem Madiljin, in-house choreographer (and sibling) Baru Madiljin and three dynamic dancers bring ancient Paiwan cultural traditions up to date. They know every human heart holds profound secrets. Their appealing, fine-tuned awareness lends the unique personal and tribal impulses of Varhung a distinctly universal resonance.

For more information  and tickets please visit:


“Veronica Yen Piano Recitals”

Poetic and creative Taiwanese pianist, Veronica Yen, presents two solo recitals featuring a combination of Beethoven’s sonata The Tempest, Mozart Concerto K466, Chopin, Granados and her own magical composition Spanish Watery Garden with inside-the-piano technique. Veronica studied at the University of Edinburgh and Royal Academy of Music and is an international prize winner. She performs extensively worldwide and received several standing ovations for her recitals in North America, Asia, as well as in Europe. She is highly regarded for her sensitive touch and imaginative colours.

For more information  and tickets please visit:


“Wu Song – The Tiger Warrior”






“The Lady Boys of Bangkok – Wonder Women Tour”

Celebrating 20 diamante-decorated years, The Lady Boys of Bangkok Wonder Women Tour will take the Fringe’s number one cabaret show to a new level. With some of your favourites from the last 20 glorious years, added to new scenes of spectacular costumes, choreography and – of course – hilarious comedy! A chance to luxuriate in a vibrant euphoric bubble of laughter, beauty, splendour and music. Sixteen of the world’s most glamorous showgirls… who just happen to be men!

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“Father in the Hole”

The father was gone, the daughter who knew nothing about traditions had to step up to take charge of the Hong Kong -style funeral. But her mind was a complete blank when being asked what her dad’s favourite food was. She couldn’t get a space from the public columbaria for her dad because of background checks and public policy, so had to look for private solutions. But she found this as difficult as finding a flat in daily life. Social, political problems in daily life just didn’t let you go. Could we really rest in peace?

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“Folding Echoes”

Folding Echoes is a solo dance piece, which originated from audiences’ urge to understand a contemporary dance performance in general across cultures. This work creates a unique theatre experience to reconstruct audiences’ perception of the theatrical space as well as contemporary dance. It explores the line between performing and being but most importantly it opens up the space for the audience to explore their connection to themselves by creating another layer of cognitive logic in their viewing experience. It’s dancing. It’s a solo. But it’s much more than that.

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“Lu-ting the Merman”

A mythical merman tribe in ancient Hong Kong, the Lu-tings, is oppressed by another dominant culture. They learn the language of this culture and end up revolting against them. This is a touching story told in a theatre style encompassing dance, mask, live music and poetry. ‘Reminding the audience of their own heritage.’ (

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“Nigel Ng: Malaysian Sensation (Work in Progress)”

Nigel Ng is from Malaysia. Join him as he observes and adopts your western ways (he just started recycling!). People describe him as ‘slick, has natural funnybones’ ( Amused Moose National New Comic Award 2016 winner. Nigel was selected to be part of the prestigious Pleasance Comedy Reserve at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ‘Brilliant… go see him’ ***** (


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