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Meet Asia in Scotland.

The Asia Scotland Institute selected for you a range of Asia related events happening throughout Scotland.


The events were gathered by Carlota Demony, who is currently a Student Ambassador at the Asia Scotland Institute, and studies Economics at the University of Aberdeen. Originally from Portugal, she moved to Scotland three years ago to commence her undergraduate degree. Being very fond of different cultures, moving to a new country to study was an exciting adventure. While she is keeping her options open, in the future Carlota hopes to work with a supranational organisation – where she can keep on meeting different individuals from around the world.


A Glimpse of Japan


“Shoko Seki: Deadline”

A part-choreographed, part- improvised dance performance that explores the Japanese phenomenon of death through overwork – also known as Karuoshi. This Japanese dance group, Shoko Seki, sheds light on the long-respected societal truths of Japan – such as self-sufficiency, loyalty and trust. A beautiful dance piece that explores connections between traditional values and contemporary concepts.

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“The Mikado”

The Mikado, a summer opera, tells the story a town (Titipu) where flirting has been made illegal. The cost of breaking the law, by order of the Mikado, is death. However, what would happen if an execution that should have taken place did not?

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“In Japanese Style”

An exhibition that explores the importance of the Haori (a short kimono jacket originally worn by the Samurai). ‘In Japanese Style’ features original Haori silk jackets from Japan – as well as unique jackets inspired by it (including some in African print and Indian silk). Additionally, the exhibition will feature traditionally Japanese cushions, textiles, jewellery, boxes and gifts.

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“1000 Cranes”

This inspiring performance explores the true story of Sadako Sasaki – a young girl that folded over 1000 paper cranes from her hospital bed in Hiroshima (Japan). IDP, an award-winning company from Hawaii, will also be teaching the audience how to fold their very own paper cranes. 1000 Cranes is a tribute to Sadako’s wish for everyone: “This is our cry, this is our pray – for building peace in the world”.

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“ONE: The Man Chosen by the Spirit of the Japanese Drum Vol 2”

Kensaku Satou is returning to Edinburgh again in August after an amazing performance during Fringe 2016. Described as “powerful like a dragon” and “supple like a dancer”, the Japanese drum player is a must see during Fringe 2017. With multiple performances available, the man chosen by the spirit of the Japanese drum is said to wake the audience’s soul.

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The Shades of China


“Stories from China”

This amazing children’s show will be an engaging interpretation of China’s culture – including Beijing Opera, Chorus, string orchestra, drama, traditional folk music and dance. The show, presented by the Beijing Students’ Art Troupe (a talented group of Chinese teenagers), will give those lucky enough to attend the opportunity to contemplate China in the history and in the contemporary times.

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“The Boor (Peking Opera)”

A beautiful performance that tells the story of a woman confronted with the sudden loss of her husband – an event that has left her in mourning (in tears for months). She has isolated herself from the world. However, one day a knock and a man’s voice changes everything. The stranger sees a burning passion in the broken women. The Shanghai Theatre Company will be performing this Opera between the 5th and 7th of August, in Edinburgh.

For more information (including a short clip of a past performance) and tickets please visit:


“My Journey Throughout China”

This musical performance, brought to Edinburgh by Yi Dong (the most celebrated international soloist of Chinese musical instruments), has been described as one of the “best musical experiences”. A rich show that is certain to take those attending on a journey through the spirit of China.

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“Meet Up Yang Gui Fei Split Away from Tang Dynasty”

This solo performance explores the story of one the emperor’s favourite concubines in the Tang Dynasty, Yang Gui Fei – also known to be one of the four beauties in Chinese history. The Han-Tang Dance, a traditional Chinese dance, will be used to bring Yang Gui Fei’s story to live. Hsiu-Ting Chang (the sole performer) will allow Fei’s historic splitting away from the Tang Dynasty to be witness by viewers this August, in Edinburgh.

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“The Magical Trip of a Bead – Stories from China”

The Magical Trip of a Bead is musical theatrical piece suited for people of all ages. The show tells the story of three young children, who together try to complete a series of challenging trials, with the help of five mythical Chinese characters – the glass slipper, the witch mirror, the matches, Nüwa, and the Foolish Old Man. This is a story of friendship, growth, and pursuit of one’s dreams. Straight from China, the Beijing Fengtai No. 1 Primary School will deliver a performance where orient meets the occident.

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“The Story of China”

The Beijing Student’s Art Troupe presents The Story of China, an introduction to what is described as “our oriental beauty”. From music to martial arts, this show will give the audience a beautiful look into China. In a performance for people of all ages, this is an invite to fall in love with the mystery, the beauty, the poetry, and the country itself.

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Yayapa, a children’s show by the Oxygen Media group, teaches little ones about Chinese history and culture. The performance combines time travel elements with ancient philosophical conflicts, and the audience can expect to have a fun time with a lot of interaction. This show, that has been regarded as a “huge success” in China, will be running in Edinburgh between the 4th and 6th of August.

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“China Goes Pop!”

This performance will combine physical theatre with acrobatics; China Goes Pop stars brilliant world-class acrobats and will most definitely entertain the audience. The show focuses on the story of an artist and his muse, and will combine many different artistic elements – including acrobatics, martial arts, physical comedy, stunning video and costumes (everything accompanied by an amazing pop soundtrack). Produced my China Arts and Entertainment Group (the leading entertainment company in China) and Broadway Asia International (Tony Award-winners), this show is a must see.

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“Luocha Land”

The National Theatre of China presents a dark and dynamic physical theatre piece. Luocha Land tells the story of an individual living in a world where the laws of good and evil have been reversed. This show explores stories of morality, power and love. With original music, powerful visuals, almost no dialogue and an incredible physical performance, Luocha Land adopts elements of Chinese Nuo opera and a modern approach to puppetry.

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“Whispering Lotus Artists and Dong Yi”

This Chinese musical performance is brought to Edinburgh by four elegant women from Suzhou (China) – Liyan Zhou, Hanyue, Nanzi and Yi Dong. Traditionally dressed in Whispering Lotus Chi-pao, the artists will deliver a fusion of Chinese poetry, music and fashion – accompanied by different traditionally Chinese musical instruments (such as the bamboo flute, the end-blown bamboo flute and the pipa).

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Performance of Chinese Culture Festival: Closing Ceremony”

Inspired by Brahma’s music (a fusion of metal, electronic, orchestral, and other ethnic and religious sounds), the Shanghai Fengxian Students’ Art Troupe have developed their own original work – and will be performing their fantastic dances (including Jasmine Flower and Mazurka).  The show is a reflection of traditionally Chinese elements alongside the innovation of Chinese and Western dancing skills.

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“New City, New Sound”

This performance by the Chinese group Alliance of New Sounds seeks to highlight the musical and cultural talents originating from Shenzhen (China). Combining several different performances, ‘New City, New Sound’ will offer the audience an opportunity to see and hear traditional Chinese instruments – additionally, the artists will be singing in a style unique Shenzhen. As a brilliant opportunity to enter the world of Chinese music and culture, this show is not to be missed.

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The Chinese concert band HSSFC (comprised of a diverse group of students majoring in music), will be performing in Edinburgh’s Fringe 2017. The performance will combine traditional instruments with classic Western music. After many successful charity concerts in China, HSSFC will be donating all ticket sales to a charity in western China that aims to develop the local economy and aid with the education of children.

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“Li Yuan Fei Ge (The Song In Pear Orchard) and Hua Mulan”

This family show re-introduces the story of Mulan (the first-born daughter of her family). After the Hun invade China, the Imperial Court looks to recruit every strong man in the Imperium into its army. After realising that her elderly and disabled father is on that list, Mulan cuts her long hair (looking to disguise herself as a man) and takes her father’s place in the war. This performance (by Henan TV, Gahama Culture and Arts, and Zhengzhou Linguaphone English Training), is a new take on the 1998 Disney classic.

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“Divine Melody from Chinese Fiddlers: Shanghai Yangpu Children’s Palace Students’ Art Troupe’s Concert at Edinburgh Festival Fringe”

The Shanghai Yangpu Children’s Palace Students’ Art Troupe presents a combination of classic Chinese melody and innovative performing methodologies. The show will include Chinese traditional music like Jubilance, Three and Six and the Legend of the Silk Road. Additionally, the show will also include traditionally Chinese dances – including Girls Doing Paper-Cut. In a twist, the performance programme also includes Classic Scottish Music (played by traditional musical instruments).

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“Macbeth: Fringe of Cantonese Opera”

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is being performed in an entirely unique style – that of traditional Cantonese opera. Presented by the Chinese Zhuo Peili Cantonese Opera Studio, this show brings one of China’s most beloved and endearing art forms to the UK. Combining one of Shakespeare’s classics with one of China’s most important art forms, ‘Macbeth: Fringe of Cantonese Opera’ is not to be missed.

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“From Shanghai with Love”

The Donghua Edinburgh Centre for Creative Industries will be hosting a combined exhibition and fashion show at the Playfair Library between the 25th and 26th of August. Attendees can expect to discover elegant, enduring and evolving Qipao fashion. ‘From Shanghai with Love” will explore both the history and the future of this fashion style. The exhibition features Qipao from the 1840s to the 1940s – this corresponds to the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China period (1912-1949), a time when the world saw Shanghai develop from a traditional fishing village to a major city.

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“Chinese Arts and Culture Festival Day One”

A performance presented by the Scotland-China Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), ‘2047 Apologue’ is a show directed by Zhang Yimou (well-known for directing the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games). Additionally, there will be contemporary Chinese dance performances – presented by the Dancers Association China. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore different aspects of Chinese culture – including painting, photography, tea art and calligraphy.

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The Melody of Korea


“Tago: Korean Drum II”

Described as the “ultimate drumming performance from the East”, the group Tago brings to the Fringe a combination of Korean traditional instruments – from gigantic drums to small percussion. The performance, spiced with a hint of martial arts, is an amazing fusion of drumming and dance. An exciting, extreme and exhilarating piece that received a standing ovation last year.

For more information (including a clip from last year’s performance) and tickets please visit:


“The Korean Tale of Princess Bari”

Brought to Edinburgh by Norrikkun (a Korean theatre group), this show tells the story of Princess Bari – a traditional Korean tale. Described as a “touching and inspiring” production, the performace will show that everyone whose paths cross with Bari’s will be impressed by bravery, valour, and a pure heart.

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The Korean group MAC Company is bringing to Edinburgh a poetic, mysterious and beautiful Korean tale. This dance and musical performance focuses on the life story of an old woman, whose life has been difficult and challenging. At the end of her life, she finds she cannot leave the world in peace. The show will combine Korean folk songs, rituals, dances, artefacts and symbolic objects.

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“Yu Kyung-hwa and E-Do”

Kyung-Hwa Yu (one of the most acclaimed artists in Korea) and E-Do (a group of six talented Korean musicians) bring to Edinburgh’s Fringe a precise, technically exact, spontaneous and fresh musical performance. Combining together traditional Korean music and contemporary sounds, the show will be running on both 14th and 21st of August.

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) please visit:


“Zipang Rock”

The musical group Samurai Drum IKKI are coming to Edinburgh Festival Fringe to celebrate their 15th anniversary. This Japanese percussion group is returning again this after ten sold out shows last year and a record high audience of 3,167 people.

For more information (including a short clip depicting their work) and tickets please visit:


“Kokdu: The Soul Mate”

This performance is inspired by Korean shamanistic rituals and beliefs; Kokdu embraces traditional folk songs and movement with exotic Korean mask and shadow work, along with beautiful costumes. In traditional Korean culture, Kokdu is a wooden figure that accompanies and guides the dead to their afterlife – providing friendship, companionship, spiritual guidance, protection and entertainment on the way there. Described as “stunning storytelling”, this show echoes the positive idea that death should be celebrated – as it represents the idea of eternal peace.

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“Behind the Mirror”

This theatrical and vocal performance tells the story of a girl lost in the woods with only a precious mirror. Yeoni (who has always wished to be someone else), meets Yaseng (a boy that has grown up in the wild), and tells him she is a princess. The young girl tries to teach Yaseng how to live a human life, while at the same time tries to run from spies looking for the thief who stole the mirror. This fascinating story is brought to Edinburgh by the Korean Go Theatre Company.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Introduction to the Korean Arts Market”

The Korean Arts Management Service (KAMS) is an important meeting point for cutting-edge artistic exchange and collaboration.  This even is a great opportunity to learn all about the Korean performance arts market, as well as to understand how to access it. A chance to network with international artists, companies and producers interested in the Asian market.

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The Sound from India


“Indian Kaleidoscope”

Blind Spots, and Indian Kaleidoscope, is a performance by the student Delhi University that portrays the life of people, narrated different aspects of history, and explores cultures. The show will combine different types of music, dance and theatre. The story being told revolves around life at the University, and the stories of those who study there.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Indian Flamenco”

The Alba Flamenca group brings to Edinburgh a symbolic ritual of Indian dance, followed by a celebratory Gyspy dance, and to finalise the performance the audience will have the opportunity to appreciate a fascinating display of flamenco (accompanied by the impassioned singing voice of a male vocalist). At the end of the performace all three dancers will dance together in a fusion finale.

For more information and tickets please visit:



Majuli is an Indian island in the Brahmaputra (one of Asia’s largest rivers). This contemporary dance performance explores Majuli’s tales and that of its people – and the bond they have with their land. Inspired by the mystique of the Brahmaputra, the dance piece will be accompanied by a set of indigenous musical instruments. Presented by Shilpika Bordoloi, this solo piece is a celebration of Majuli’s spirit.

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Nocturne, a dance performance brought to the Fringe festival by the Ragamala Dance Company, is inspired by the natural, emotional and spiritual migrations that occur after nightfall. The show uses Indian dance and music styles to explore different facets of the night – including Luna/Chandra (focusing on nocturnal creatures), Rapture/Pramodya (depicting the influence of love overnight), and Invocation/Yaman (describing the spiritual vibrations between midnight and sunrise).

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) and tickets please visit:



The Gandini Juggling group returns to Edinburgh this August with Sigma, a performance that combines juggling, percussion and dance. The show depicts a unique interpretation of the classical south Indian dance form, Bharatanatyam.  With exuberant rhythms, patterns and colours, Sigma is an amazing production – that fuses together circus and dance.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Highlands to Hindustan: Indian Art in University of Edinburgh Collections”

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, the University of Edinburgh is presenting an exhibition that celebrates the richness and visual magnificence of two thousand years of Indian art. On display, there will be several objects that have never been seen by the public before.

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Tommy Miah Street Food Festival”

Celebrity chef Tommy Miah is coming back to Edinburgh’s Fringe 2017, with another Street Food Festival experience – after a successful run in 2016. This event brings to Scotland a perfect combination of Indian and Bangladeshi gastronomic culture. Tommy Miah’s Street Food Festival, taking place at The Taj Restaurant, is not to be missed – this is especially true for food lovers.

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“Elephant in the Room”

This solo show is inspired by the Indian myth of the Elephant God (Ganesha) – a coming of age story about a boy on a quest to find his head, wandering through a forest where creatures are concerned about a prophecy of doom, as a motley spider-hunter duo are in search of a big ticket ransom. Winner of a META Award in India for Best Actor, Best Costumes, and Best Light Design.

For more information and tickets please visit:


Beautiful Syria


“The Elephant, Your Majesty!”

A performance inspired by the original text of Syrian dramatist, Saadallah Wannous. ‘The Elephant, Your Majesty!’ tells the story of an elephant (belonging to the king), that murders a child by stepping on him. The villagers then begin discussing how justice should be served – should they rebel against the king? The show explores the topics of power dynamics, wealth, martyrdom and resistance. Presented by the Action for Hope Theatre Group – a theatre troupe formed of young Syrian refugees (based in Lebanon).

For more information and tickets please visit:


Stories from Taiwan


“Taiwan Season: 038”

This performance, presented by the Taiwanese dance group Kuo-Shin Chuang Pangcah Dance Theatre, is titled after the area code of Haulien (on Taiwan’s east coast) – home to the indigenous Pangcah people. The show reflects the interactions between one’s roots and a modern world (where one can easily go anywhere in the world). Ipun Kanasaw, a dancer in 038, explains the concept of the performance with the following question: “Am I a host or a guest? The longer I am away from home, the vaguer it is”.

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“Taiwan Season: The Backyard Story”

This children’s show is a fun performance where jackets, shirts, dresses and trousers come to life, make friends and form relationships – these interactions are meant to mimic those between parents, children and others. This modern twist on a puppet show is presented by the Puppet Beings Theatre (Taiwan’s first black-light object theatre company), and viewers can expect to see a combination of contemporary and traditional puppet arts.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Heart of Darkness”

Heart of Darkness is a show by the Taiwanese performance group Sun Son Theatre, and fuses together several artistic and cultural components – such as instrument, voice, body, drama, ritual and environment with traditional and folk elements, symbolic objects, and contemporary theatre. The show, which is free from racial and cultural boundaries, focuses on understanding women who have been slowly forgotten.

For more information (including a short clip of the performance) and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Together Alone”

Together Alone, a contemporary dance piece, explores the ever changing nature of relationships. A reflection on how to live together, the show explores the fact the sometimes individuals help each other, sometimes individuals are against each other, and sometimes individuals need to negotiate. Brought to Edinburgh by Chen-Wei Lee, this relatable performance will captivate its audience.

For more information and tickets please visit:


“Taiwan Season: Ever Never”

This theatrical drama depicts the story of a woman, who after being deeply affected by her father’s death, finds an aircraft cabin to be a mysterious space where past experiences can be intercepted and pieces of forgotten memories rekindled. The Taiwanese theatrical group Co-coism presents Never Ever, a story where the past and the present collide.

For more information (including a theatrical teaser of the performance) and tickets please visit:

The Delicious Thailand 


“Thai Cookery Workshop with Lunch”

This Thai cookery workshop (presented by executive chef Rujira Herd) is a great opportunity to learn more about Thai gastronomic culture. Attendees will enjoy (and learn how to prepare) a delicious three course meal. There will twenty eight workshops in total (all with different menus), running between the 4th and 27th of August – excluding Mondays.

For more information and tickets please visit:


The Magic of the Middle East

Middle East


Aladdin, the Middle Easter folk tale, is being brought to Edinburgh’s Fringe by the Flying High Young Company. The classical tale tells the story of Aladdin’s journeys from the street markets to the Sultan’s palace after coming across a magical lamp (that grants its owner the opportunity to wish for whatever he wants). This production includes original songs that support the themes of ambition for a better life and monetary greed versus the concept of love. The show emphasises the search for what really matters in one’s life.

For more information and tickets please visit:


Asia Asia


“Asian Artists Gathering”

An occasion for Asian artists participating in (or attending) the Fringe – as well as for those that have an interest in developing/touring in Asia – to get together. The event will be hosted by Mohamad Shaifulbahri (from the Bhumi Collective), and is an opportunity to continue on building an Asian artistic network in Edinburgh. The gathering is also a great opportunity to learn more about the wide range of Asian shows on offer.

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“Culture Internationale!”

This event will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn more about international languages and cultures. A simple and fun way of learning the fundamentals of different languages and the features of varied cultures. While the main focus of the event is on Japanese and Chinese, other languages will also be presented. A gathering suitable for all ages, where the only requirement is a willingness to engage and have fun.

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