What people are saying

Peter Frankopan
“As the world goes through a time of change, it is more important than
ever to look at the big picture. And there’s nowhere better to start than
with Asia Scotland.” – Peter Frankopan

“I really hope and believe [you can] build the Asia Scotland Institute into a sustainable organisation that builds strong links between Scotland and Asia for many years to come” – former First Minister Alex Salmond

“[Asia Scotland Institute] is a first-class idea, probably long overdue, and I am very much hoping it prospers and thrives long into the future” – Roy Leckie, Walter Scott & Partners

“Asia Scotland Institute is doing a first-class job reminding us of the growing economic and political importance of Asia-Pacific and providing a vital and enriching contribution to Scottish life” – Bill Jamieson, former Executive Editor, The Scotsman

“I see the Asia Scotland Institute being able to stimulate thought leadership, whether that is helping expose Scottish companies to outstanding speakers or helping to develop a groundswell awareness of the issues and opportunities” – Julian Taylor, Director Strategy & Economics & Head of Asia, Scottish Enterprise

“I think it’s important for students as well as business people here in Scotland to have a greater level of awareness… and hopefully benefit from what’s happening on the other side of the world. So I think there are some quick wins…. the longer term potential is huge” – Dr Gerard Lyons, British economist